Bayonne France in the Basque Country, Episode 47

Bull Fighting in Bayonne France

Bayonne France in the Basque Country

Today we take you to Bayonne France in the Basque Country. Bayonne is a  place of notable character, culture, history, and it has so much to offer to today’s visitor too! Both Elyse and I love the place and we  tell you why. And we wish you Happy Holidays French style too at the end of the show. Enjoy!

These are the Bayonne hotels we recommend. To hear our discussion of hotels in this episode, skip to [48:34].

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If you enjoy this episode, you should also listen to Bayonne, Part 2  and Episode 44 on nearby Bordeaux.

Show Highlights

  • Introduction to Bayonne France
  • Historical Center
  • What makes Bayonne so interesting?
    • Bayonne and the history of chocolate
    • The Bayonet and French Military History
  • Things to do, see and eat
    • Bayonne Ham
    • Piment d’Espelette
    • Poulet Basquaise
    • Basque Cheese
  • The Cathedral of Sainte Marie in Bayonne, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • The oldest bullfighting arena in France
  • Hotels

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3 thoughts on “Bayonne France in the Basque Country, Episode 47”

  1. Annie
    Please eat Elyse’s portion of raw oysters and drink muscadet for me for the holidays!!!!!!

    I will miss this week’s podcast. Enjoy the break.


  2. Bonjour! I just wrote to your about discovering your site, and I see that you do date all entries. I was so pleased to find you that I have been reading furiously and missed the dates at the beginning of each dialog.

    Thanks for this wonderful site!
    Carol McFarland
    Arcata, CA USA

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