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Eric, welcome to join us in France.

Hi, I’m so honored to be here.

Oh, I’m glad to have you. You. You offered to be on the show. And it was really good because you are the first person who’s going to be on the show who is not from North America or Australia. So thank you. Finally,

I hope this podcast will spread to a lot of my countrymen and a lot of my friends. They are also dreaming of going there.

Oh, wonderful. Wonderful. Okay, so you are from the Philippines?

Yes. I’m a Filipino Chinese. I was born here. And I’ve been a big fan of your show in the past three months. And even up to now, after we came back from Paris more than a month ago. I say, Listen to your show.

Oh, wow. Yeah, that’s great. That’s great. Okay, so you tell us the dates of your trip

on the whole trip. Or just Paris?


Paris? was October 27 to 31.

Okay. So of 25 days. And it was in 2018.

Yes, yes.

Yes. And it was your first time in Paris. Right.

It was a first time for my wife is a first time for Europe. Yeah. For me the third time but for Paris? Yes. Both of us. First time.

Wonderful. Okay. And then you came up with 12 things that will help other people who are visiting Paris for the first time, which is wonderful.

I hope. So. I hope that I will not talk about the common things just just things to experience and yeah,

right. Right. So you first thing was to plan your transportation to and from the hotel. Do you want to tell us about that?

Yes. Before I say that, that part. Just want to give you a background of how the Paris trip came to be? Yeah,

because we have a friend living in Brussels and I was chatting with her last year, I think. And she invited us to visitor Okay, yeah. Oh, she said, Why don’t you stay with me for a few days like that? So I said, I thought it would be a good chance to go. And they were told my wife, she said, How far is Brussels to Paris? And I said, maybe two hours. Right? You should Why that? Why are we not going to Paris and said, Okay, if you are, let’s put Paris Yes. No problem. Yeah.

Smart wife. Yes.

And then because it’s her dream. So. And then because the flight or flight is going to London? And then so are the airline airlines fly straight from Philippines to London. So she said, my wife said, we should also visit London. so sure.

That’s, that’s how it came to be. So very good.

Yes, I planned it. But you know, I, if I had known about your podcast, that time, I would have made different plants Well, yeah,

but it’s I mean, it’s pretty typical for a first visit to Europe to do two or three capitals. I don’t think I mean, what you did isn’t strange at all.

I prefer to spend more time in one capital. And then maybe a year or two later, go to another one. But hey, you know, you do what you can

know what I mean. I would have stayed longer in Paris audio podcast. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And,

and the Philippines is pretty far away from Europe. Honestly, that’s a long flight for you.

Oh, for 14 hours. Yes.

Well, it’s like, yeah, it’s like flying from the west coast of the US to Paris. Pretty much. Yes. Very good. Okay. So you transportation to and from the hotel?

Yes. So when I booked the hotel, I didn’t know there were there were actually two means train stations

more there’s five of them. Really. There’s five. There’s, there’s five mainstream stations in Paris. You have to gather last got enough.

So you got you got a bunch of them.

And that’s just for the for the trains. Yeah.

So I didn’t know because we were taking a train from London to Paris. Yes. So what I did first was

find the hotel. That’s the first thing I did. And I thought one Pinus is the main station. So I found the hotel near there. Yeah, Yeah,

I did. So I booked a hotel and everything. And then later I found out that the train does it go there for London?

Right? Yeah.

Yes. goes to the north. So which is quite far across the

city. It is. Yeah, God. You know, office is a ways Yes. Yeah.

And then there’s no direct direct boss or train that goes to one specialty. Other

true from veto. Yeah.

So we had to.

Well, I your advice was take a taxi, right? I didn’t take it. I apologize for that.

So okay. Your life you can choose. Yeah,

we wanted. I just wanted to, you know, learn and experience. He said, I can do it. So the thing is,

if you we took the AR AR AR AR from the north, and then we have to stop in the middle. Yeah. And then we have to transfer to a metro or a bus. Yeah, yeah. And then

luggage that was probably a little bit tricky,

tricky and heavy and difficult. And

I do in my notes, I said, when we got there. We got a bit lost in the in the station itself. It’s quite huge.

Yes. Right. Because it has I mean, it has it’s really three train stations in one because it’s a metro station. It’s a an RA or station. And it’s a major train station up with international lines. It’s also also a bus station. So if you think about it, it’s four stations in one in one area. And so sometimes just finding the right place to go. It’s complicated.

Yes. And for some reason, the metro at that time was a close. Yeah, so yeah, we had no choice. We have to think that our er right. And

actually, it was a bit a bit scary at first, because then we got to the train tracks the station, the platform

are so many people looking at us saying, staring at us, you know,



Well, yeah, God, you know, it can be a bit of a problem, because we have a lot of people who come into France, and they’re from Africa very often, or from Ghana, Stan, or places like that. And what they want to do is they want to get to London, and they sneak on to the train to go to London. And there are always hundreds of them hanging around the station, looking for an opportunity to sneak onto the train. And so it makes it a little bit uncomfortable for most people,

or that’s why Well, I didn’t know that.

All right. And then the reason why you don’t see that on the other side on the English side is because they’re not all lining up. I can’t do Did you take the to take the train at Victoria, to come to Paris? I can’t remember


Kings Cross, maybe things cross? Yeah. Okay. So they’re not all congregated at cream. Kings Cross trying to come into Paris, as soon as they in London. They scatter everywhere. So you don’t see hundreds of them around Kings Cross but you do see hundreds of them around Paris. The God enough.

That’s why that’s why Yeah. And then we got to the train itself. You know, the lights are flickering. So, like a scary movie

night to do that. on trains.

They do that?

I don’t know. But it happens a lot on

Yeah, yeah.

So there’s

a do I don’t know if you know, it’s an Asian movie. So for the people become zombies.

I see. You have an active imagination

just had just watched the movies. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

And anyway, the local people, we asked them, and they said, yeah, we are the right train go. That’s fine. Yeah,

that’s good. But the thing is, the stairs that’s really challenging the stairs. Yes, yeah.

When you have when you have luggage, honestly, if you know, I think some people of course, they want to discover like you did, which is good. But the best time to discover is not when you have suitcases, especially when you’ve just arrived in on a new continent in UK, she had spent some days in in London, so you probably adjusted to the time but it when you first arrive, you are tired and jet lagged and confused. And you’re also an ideal pray for anyone who might want to rob you. So I think it I mean, you’ve already spent a lot of money coming to France, spend a little more and get a taxi. I think the 50 bucks or whatever you’re going to spend extra for your taxi isn’t going to break you and it’s going to make your life a lot easier. That’s how I look at it. I don’t know. I’m just you know, I’m just practical. And I don’t really like the carrying suitcase much.

And also, I did not want my wife to carry the heavy one. So I have to write well, right. Right away. My suggestion to other people next time when you look for the train stop that has the the wheelchair site.

Yes. Yeah, because that’s an elevator.

Yes. That’s so helpful. Anyway, we didn’t know that yet. So we had to carry all those luggage. And then of course,

arrive there. We got lost again. We We arrived. The hotel is quite late. We have to add the reservation. This The next thing I want to talk about is the eye on that night. The first night, I wanted to be a bit magical. So I reserve a restaurant not just across the Eiffel Tower. Haha, yeah. So I really recommend that to everybody.

First thing is a I think it’s the best view you know.

Yes. And which one was it? Yeah,

the name is.

Hang on. You saw I’m isn’t high.

Pretty Pretty. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. That’s That’s weird. French word anyway. Pretty probably.

Right? Yeah. Yeah.

Okay. That’s why I’ve never seen it. Yeah.

So it’s on plus show you inside of the National Theatre. That sounds really nice. And you had a good view from there?

Yes. And we asked for the window table.

First of all, we entered the me See you at the theater. They would not led to it unless you have a reservation.

Mm hmm. She’s good. Because

at that time, there was a I think there was a performance. Yeah. So. So security was very tight. So actually, when we’re in the restaurant, we are about five, five people. Hmm. Everybody else was watching the show. Right? Ah, ok. So we have the whole restaurant to ourselves. So we had the best table the window and then the waiters here a lot of time. So he was very friendly and even offered to the archive later, man. That’s nice.

Okay, we we wait for when the lights are going to come up. That’s all we’re able to prepare and have good process like that.

That’s great. And, and, and you and you were able to watch the show at the same time?

I don’t know. Either. watch the show. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Just had dinner and watch the Eiffel Tower. That’s, that’s a show for us.


And it is very nice. I mean, honestly, yeah,

that’s great. It’s a special place. I think couples will really love it

at night. Yeah.

And it was pretty easy to find, I suppose. Because, I mean, it’s near the Eiffel Tower. It’s hard to miss

the Trocadero just right. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Very good. All right. Now, you skipped your point number two, the best system? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Let’s go back to that one.

Okay. The bus The bus is that we liked about we can go back to the train.


comment about that, because I was able to compare it to London trains. Uh huh. On the metro. And I really like the Paris Metro, you know, yeah,

what I notice is, first of all, you have to open the door, right? It doesn’t open by itself.

Some of them, it depends. Sometimes they open by themselves. Sometimes they don’t.

Yes. So, and then the,

the seating arrangement of the Metro is where you can face each other. Mm hmm. There’s like a, it makes me feel like I’m in a cafe, you know, for people. They see each other. We have the conversations. Yeah, we can be like in the bus Metro in the London It was so silent. Nobody was speaking to anybody’s like,

it’s because you sit side by side and

everybody was staring at their own cell phones, you know, yeah. But in Paris, it’s like, people are friendlier. Because even in the metro, you could smile at the other person in front of you. And

that’s funny that you that you thought that because I mean, people in the south of France are even more friendly, I guess. Because when, like when I last week in Paris, so when I entered the the metro, if it was really tight, it was me and my niece and I’m heavy and she’s very skinny. And so I would say

I take a lot of room but she doesn’t. And people looked at me, like deadpan, like didn’t crack a smile or anything but if I say that into into lose, they will start laughing like they think it’s funny. I’m just making a joke you know, because it’s uncomfortable. You’re too close to each other. I don’t know it’s just to break the ice and make it feel a little bit more comfortable. But in Paris none of my jokes worked I was telling my niece What is wrong with these people they don’t find me funny

anyway that was just

so charming that’s one yeah

yeah yeah

anyway going to the bus

yes the bus

we actually based on your advice we most of the time we take the bus all around the city

and we love it but it’s quite confusing honestly. Yeah Yeah. Because the streets first of all there’s a bustling right

yes very often yeah

the bus lane seems like it’s not always on the side of the street sometimes it’s in the middle mm hmm and from the from the other street they say the bus is coming from the left side and then once they cross the middle part they move to the other side they move to the right side so it’s like a snake

yes sometimes is simply says it is now way in in Philippines do you drive on the right side of the road or on the left side of the road

we drive on the right side

okay okay

but yeah but the problem is we don’t have a good bus system so actually I never take the bus

okay all right

so but the bus in the Paris what I think is a bit confusing is the names of the stops no yeah yeah because when you stop said the same names

my example is reds

there are there are three bus stops name reds you know

I know he

yeah when I saw

but I think you’re right you’re right but the will see the full name on it kinda SAS hand sampler CD

yes I do but for foreigners for us

yeah yeah yeah yeah

we were we were here it’s here it’s here we go down there we go down Oh no. It’s

just the next one

right because if you’re on the who do high end which is a long street then the other name so you’re going to be on

to follow your example that SAS that probably because it’s crossing with a street called that SAS and then further up it’s going to be crossing with a name with a street called simpler cedar and that’s because that’s giving you the coordinate the cross yeah to French people that make sense. But I can see why that could confuse you.

Maybe time so you got to the wrong you got off the wrong station and then

use the same ticket

Yes, I love it with a lot of tickets. All this kind of syllabus

right? Yes. Because when you when you exit the bus you can take a different bus with that same ticket but you cannot take the same bus again that’s one of the rules

you know I compare that to Brussels because in Brussels yeah your tickets good for one hour. Yeah, and doesn’t matter whatever double bass pro or something right. Saying so I think that’s a more fair way

for especially for foreigners. Yeah,

there’s, there’s different Yeah, the best system in more the transportation system in Paris can get. There are some rules that that people don’t expect, unless they’ve been in Paris a long time. But they do also have these kind of party visitor this pass that will let you do anything you want. Pretty much. So for visitors. If you don’t want to think about how the system you know how the fair system works, then you can just get a visit and then you’ll be fine. But for me, I just use the single tickets the T they’re called t tickets and the because I I walk up so much when I’m in Paris that I if I happen to arrive on a Sunday, then I use my navigable card which is the week you know, the week to week thing. But it only starts on Monday morning. So that one I will recharge on Sunday. And I know tomorrow morning and for the whole week. I’m good that can take anything but if I’m not getting I’m not going to be there Monday to Sunday then I don’t do that. I will just use tickets

Yes. So that’s another tip I think

oh, we had a confusing moment. Also there was a time where we’re rushing to go back to the hotel and

the the bus in the both directions were showing the same same name

so that was probably a mistake. The driver probably forgot to change it

yes that’s exactly what happened because we took the wrong bus yeah and then you had to get off a waste another ticket and then the next bus came and then we asked the driver

Why is the name at all for any any said forgot. I forgot to change. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

That’s Yeah, they have to do it manually. And so if you forget your Yeah, that I can see why that would be annoying. You know, you’ve just wasted a ticket

what it’s not more of annoying it’s more of it was confusing because I really the name should be the last stop. Right.

Right direction should be the last stop on the line. Yes.

Right. Yes.

So if it doesn’t say that then you’re confused.

Yes. So anyway, love the bus.

Good good. It’s good to you. Number four.

Okay, so we always say both George everybody very good smile smile but you know we never tried any French word for French sentences

Yeah, that’s fine

because most of the time the locals nowhere foreigners yo. So they they help us without even have to say any French words.

That’s true that but but you have to stay you have to start with visual and then speak English, it’s fine. By the time you’re done saying the word bones rule. They already know you’re not French.

So you know. So I have to tell you something really funny that happened to me last week in Paris. I was on the sidewalk on Huda TV. And I was fiddling with my camera settings so I was looking down on my camera

excuse me

and some short little woman comes up to me she looks said me and she goes what’s the word? She said?

pink flamingo. I think she said yes. It was pink flamingo. She looks at me and she just says that pink pink flamingo. My what? It took me a second to know what she wanted. And I just thought quickly and I thought oh, it’s probably a restaurant or something. which it is. It’s a pizzeria but you know Don’t do that. Don’t just walk up to somebody and say pink flamingo I mean like what you would do is Bouzou pink flamingo and then you’re fine you know I mean I I told her I don’t know and I responded in English tell just by the way she said being Flamingo that she was English speaking anyway. It’s just very strange. So you do have a lot of tourists who don’t make the effort to say bone and I’m used to it doesn’t bother me. But honestly, if I if I was in the Philippines, and I go up somebody and I say pink flamingo. They’re gonna think I’m crazy. Yeah, probably. I mean, you know, it’s weird.

Yes, I agree. I agree. Every all the fence people we met. They’re all very nice.


And I remember the old French ladies. Even chicken speak English. So. And we lost. We didn’t know which way the bus stop was one hopefully does to the right one. Oh, how nice.

Yes. Very nice.

And also the week Thursday. I want to mention that because whenever we eat the restaurant,

we don’t drink wine. We’re not wine drinkers. Yeah, we always just water. Yeah. And they always serve water. And then of course, we are feeling our own bottles, right? So our, our tap water keeps getting empty. Right. And they are that they were not annoyed at us that we would ask for refills.

That’s good. Yeah, that’s good. I think. So. It’s your attitude. If you’re if you’re friendly and smiling and being very respectful of their time and their work, then they’re going to be doing the same to you.

Yes. So I wanted to mention that because we after the piracy went to Brussels. Hmm. And in Brussels, the waiter so quite rude that, um,

first of all, they would that serve us any top water

only bottled stuff.

Yes. And then the, I guess the second restaurant the waiter told us here in Brussels. We don’t serve tap water at all. Please don’t talk like that.

Okay. Okay. That’s kind of it’s the same in Italy. By the way, in Italy. They won’t give you tap water.

And it’s not it’s not that the tap water isn’t good to drink. It’s just that they want to charge you for bottled water.

Yes. Yeah.

So the other thing I did like about waiters in Brussels compared to Paris is

in Brussels. They take their own tips. Oh, yeah. I two times

we had a dinner in Brussels and I paid 100 euros

and the bill was like seven be so the lady came back and gave me 20 and then she said we kept the rest for tips.

Yes to time. So after that we always be acceptable. Yeah. Yeah.

But in Paris it never happens. And

no imperiously if you give them 100 euro bill they will bring you the change whatever it is.

Exactly. So it also had the change with them. That’s a very good

that’s true. They usually have it in their little w or whatever. Yeah,

so it’s a lot of time so I

like it. Yeah,

most people I think pay with credit cards these days so that’s good that you paid with cash and that you notice that because most I never pay with cash unless it’s like a coffee or something and then I pay with cash but if it’s bigger just use credit card

well yes because I was afraid to use my credit card in Europe why

a lot of fraud

fraud like what were you think they were going to do to UK?

Well, you know what, you use your card to have the number right, so right, save a lot of credit card fraud. So we tried to just use cash,

okay, okay. That’s why I mean, whatever you’re comfortable with. But there’s very little credit card fraud in France. Even if you lose your credit card, you forget it

because there’s a pin

they it’s usually doesn’t get used again. It’s I’ve forgotten my credit card in a lot of places and nobody’s ever used it because they don’t know the pin


yeah. Anyway, but whatever’s comfortable I mean if you prefer to pay with cash that’s fine

Unless Unless to go shopping that’s that I pay credit card

so you just don’t trust the restaurants and cafes with a credit card but like in stores you trust them

No, no no it’s not about trust it’s just

because I already prepared so I had a lot of euros yeah yeah

yeah yeah Okay very good

so oh by the way i i would suggest to foreigners next time they go in they have a there have a train station they try to catch or something like that right. They can tell the weaker ahead of time. Oh, sure. But that’s what we did for two times we we said it all the waiter that are we have catching a train in one hour. So where is he said, of course, no problem. And the service very fast. And we got her bill

right. We have time. And all you had to do is just tell her, you know, they can’t read your mind they, I’ve seen this. I’ve seen people sitting there all anxious that they’re wasting time. Well, what did you say that you were in a hurry? Because the French waiter by the default position of a French waiter is that you want to enjoy your time, wherever it is that you are. And so they they’re not going to rush you. But if you are in a hurry, just tell them they will serve you quickly. It’s fine. Yes. Yes. Very good. Yeah. ready to move on to number five?

Okay. Number five. My advice is you have to adjust to where you are. You cannot expect people to adjust the you. Mm hmm. So my example is

with two to two different times so far. When I was in a bakery. Yeah. And there was a long line and

I couldn’t I cannot pronounce the French food. So I just took pictures. Yes. But why waiting in line? I see this kind of this. Look. Something looks delicious. I take a picture of it. Right? Yes. So when it’s my turn, I just showed the picture that the lady there in the cashier. Yeah. So it works out. So yeah,

that’s brilliant. That’s really smart. Yeah, that’s really good. Just take a picture of what you wanted. And show it to them. Excellent. Because sometimes, if there’s a long line, you can’t go back. You have to point from far away. And it’s hard to explain. But if you have a picture. Excellent. That is brilliant.

Thank you. Yeah,

cuz I heard about your podcast a few episodes ago about someone’s not happy, right? Yeah,

yes. Yeah. When people have a bad time in Paris, I think it was called or something like that. Yeah, this person had to back them. And one of the things she said is, it was hard to decide at the bakery. And people went in front of us, but she should have done like you. You take your time you go, because most bakeries. You actually move in front of the pastries. So you can take a picture and then show it to them. Brilliant. I love that idea.

That will happen to us that I was the one in first in line and I was unsure of what to buy. And I let the other people by first, right. Out of politeness. Right. You know what to call the line? Mm hmm. So I think that’s what’s out. Yeah,

excellent. Yeah.

Oh, I want to mention that we were so amazed at the toilets.

Really? Yeah.

The self washing ones?

Ah, yes.

We had to try it just because it’s there. And it’s the first time we saw something like that.


Even if the people ahead of us. We’re taking a long time. And did you know that it will open by itself in 20 minutes? Did you know that?

Yes, I knew that. Yes. 20 minutes is the maximum. It’s a long time though. You don’t want to wait 20 minutes.

I was imagining what if the person sitting down the door opens? I mean, yeah,

again, I mean, it’s never happened to me. The other thing you have to know about these toilets is that when the person comes out in front of you, the person who was in the bathroom before you, you have to let the door close and the cleaning cycle happens. And then it will open again. So you can like at a normal bathroom, the person comes at you, you go, right, you go in right ahead. Right away over there. In in those self cleaning toilets, you have to let them out. The door closes, it cleans, it opens again, then you go.


if you don’t do that, it won’t clean it will feel your weight. You know, when you when you walk in? It’s a digital platform has some sensors. It knows that there’s a person in there. And so it’s not going to clean be able to say, Oh, well, there’s a person I can’t clean. So otherwise, water was

I thought, Yeah, I thought you get wet.

Now. You wouldn’t get wet now.

But that would be funny. No, no.

Very good.

Another thing I would like to really commend. This is something we were so amazed as well, we had dinners that restaurants are very small cables. Yes. And besides us, there were some other in her daughter

and she was really well behave.

The daughter was Yeah,

the daughter. Yes, the daughter. She’s like, maybe six years old like that. And she kept staring at us and but she wouldn’t smiling. face my letters. He would just look away, right?

Shy, kid shy kid,

but then she would continue staring at us. So

she wasn’t just did


She ate very politely. And does it make a farce and she did stand up and walk around in the mother was sitting right across, you know, not beside?


in Philippines, all restaurants, we have a key chairs, you know, yes. But in France? I haven’t seen any restaurant that has that.

No, they did. Very unusual French people are used to when it’s when it’s a child under two, they will usually have the child on their lap. And if it’s over to, it can probably sit by itself, you know, in a chair. And, but it is kind of a you have to know your kid you know, you have to mean you know, your children. You know if what they can do and cannot do?

Yes, because we have two boys. So, whenever we go out to dinner here in Philippines, we have a very hard time managing them. So,

they walk around, they run around. Yeah, the fence kids. Wow.

Well, they’re used to not I mean, yeah,

this is the way you raised them. You know, you don’t I mean, they can talk and stuff at the table. Which, when I was young, when I was a young child, we weren’t even supposed to talk at the table. But by my mother made exception all the time. She was she would just sit and say, okay, tonight, let’s talk about this and that.

But we had to be told Yeah, yeah, it’s okay. To talk. It was, you know, it’s, it’s kind of a strict but if you raised that way, it’s normal after a while.

What? What? Because here, if you go to restaurants, you will see children, most of them are the parents. Did you have to give the children like a mobile phone or tablet? Yeah.

entertain them. But in France, the children maybe to have a coloring book. That’s it?


Really? Like the cultures really good. Yeah,

they do you? Yeah, you could bring a coloring book or a book of some sort for your kids. But it’s unusual to see French kids, you know, demanding the phone or a tablet. It’s Yeah, so, but I think I’m, I’m afraid it’s going to change. Give it another 10 years. And French kids will be just as hooked by the tablets as anyone. Is anyone else? I think? I don’t know.

Oh, okay. Anyway, so planning ahead was also planning for your meals. So

like in Riverside, we I knew that when we went there was the last day of October. Mm hmm. On a Sunday. And that was the last day they were opening the musical fountains.


So I really expected a lot of crowd. So I booked a tour kings apartment, or

Oh, it’s a good tour, isn’t it?

Yes. And be able to see the inside of the chapter. Yeah. Whereas the normal people they can only pick but here inside the chapel, right?

Oh, yeah. It’s, it’s beautiful. And you can be well, sometimes it’s close for some reason. So I’ve done this too many times. Sometimes you get to go into chapel. Sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you get to go into your opera house. And sometimes you don’t. It just depends on what’s going on that day,

whatever. The planning part came into the lunch,

so we bought our own lunch, which came in a sandwiches. So what we did was because it was very, very cold to sort out to a wider two degrees.

So before you ventured to the gardens, we just had lunch or sandwiches

inside inside the palace. So where

Where did you buy the sandwiches

at the bakery in the morning before we arrived?

Ah, ok. Ok. So that’s a question a lot of people have asked me is, can you bring your own food into Versailles. And yes, you can. But they would rather you I mean, they want you have to be a bit careful where you eat, they don’t want you to damage anything or drop your food somewhere, you know, that sort of thing. You have to be a bit judicious where you eat.

Of course, you have to be an oil you have to be sensitive to the patient can be can be. So that’s why we bought time, which is easy to eat,


Yes. So that’s my suggestion next time because there are so many people, you don’t want to waste time having lunch,

right? And if you want to go to a place like Angelina or something at Versailles, they do have it but you will wait a good hour in line. Maybe not late October, maybe late October would have been okay. But it’s there. long lines to get into these restaurants.


So number six.


Number six. So I just see this line and bird.

You mean the scooters? Yes. The


Yes. He ever scooters everywhere.

That’s something new for foreigners. We don’t have it here.

Not just foreigners. Everyone uses I’m

not me. I mean,

I think in all your podcast that was never mentioned this quarter. So

that’s true. It’s a new thing you write the scooters are a new thing.

Yes. And, and the thing is a 45 minute walk can be cut short into 15 minutes. Yeah.

And you have the it was very convenient, and also easy to use. So I suggest

visitors to have data they have to have data make. So you can activate you have to have the data because you have to activate the scooter with the barcode, right. You have to download the app yet. here’s here’s the important thing. When you park the scooter you have to take a photo of it.

I see then. Yeah. Then you have to the activate. If you don’t. The activated the charges continues. Yeah.

So you have to be a bit careful with this.

And the other thing is you in Paris? It was not everywhere. There was bike lanes.


So we got confused where we could actually use the scooter. So now

I think you Yeah, I don’t know. It’s new. I don’t know if you can use the scooters on the bike lanes?

Well, no, I mean to say according to their their instructions, you should use the squatters only on the bike lanes. Okay. But what I’m saying is, it’s not clear everywhere where the bites are right.

I saw mostly scooters on sidewalks To tell you the truth, which is when I noticed them because I thought they were gonna you know, they were going a little too fast. But

what you have to be careful because a lot of people have been accidents on the scooters. Yeah. Yeah.

And also right now, those scooters, you don’t have to have a helmet to write them. But I think if it gets out of control in France, what’s going to happen is they’re going to require a helmet. And then people will stop using them. Because they’re not going to carry I mean, it’s so convenient. You you like, Oh, I mean, I just missed the bus. I’ll just grab this scooter, because it’s just sitting there.

But. But if you don’t have a helmet, you won’t. So I think if there’s too many accidents, that’s where it’s going to go. But we’ll see.

Well on our experience was we saw one scooter outside the Orangery, yeah.

And then my wife She said she wanted right. So he said, Okay, go ahead. And she said it was only one scooter. So I had to walk. So she went ahead of me, we are going to the loop. So it was quite a long walk, right?

It’s a kilometer and a half.

You know, I mean to say when when I arrived at the end of the two Louis garden and then we met up again and she said, or she tried when she wrote the scooter on the weed the garden somewhat stopped her and told her you’re not allowed to ride the school. Ah, ok. Yeah. And then she had to go to the outside of the garden to park it and then No, no, to write it. And then she didn’t know where to park it right. And if you actually if you park it in the wrong place, there was charged 50 euros Oh, wow. Yeah.


Wow. So I saw a lot of people are going to get 50 year old fines because I saw them at the weirdest places like right by light for pedestrians, and they would put it like in the middle of where pedestrians are supposed to walk. I’m like,

see, because I because I’ve raised guy dog puppies. I’m always very I always think of the sight impaired people because if they were walking around with a cane because the cane touches the ground they wouldn’t feel the scooter and they would they would trip on it because the cane doesn’t detect it a guide dog Of course we take you around the scooter but simple old style cane wouldn’t so it can be it can be pretty dangerous. I think. If they’re not put back in the right place.

That’s why that’s why for us we were even up to last week’s maybe we I was still afraid that my credit card we have a 50 euro

any didn’t. So you did it right. Yeah, that’s good. That’s good. Yeah.

Oh, I did also golf carts. I would suggest the golf cart in verse it. Yeah.

You liked it?

Yes. Because save a lot of time. And also save our feet from hurting,

you know, used to walking very much are you?

No, no. Here we drive cars. Go to Office drive car. So normal steps. It’s like 2000 a day.

Oh, wow. Yeah, that’s nothing.

I know. So it buyers were averaging like 22,000,

right? Yeah, it’s a lot more

now. That’s why your feet were hurting. Yeah,

so the golf cart was really helpful. And, of course, quite expensive. But the nice thing about it is we were able to also help other people. You know,

we could offer rights to other people.

That’s nice. You guys are nice.

Well, yeah. Like we saw an old French lady walking in, and he’s offered a ride. And she she can speak English, but she joined us. It was


You must look you must look like very nice people. And so she was like, oh, they’re fine. Let’s go.

No, we just smile and say Bonjour. Yeah,

exactly. Exactly. Very good.


the verse. The golf cart. Inverse side. This is the funny thing. If you go outside certain zones, the golf cart will automatically stop.

Oh, yeah,

it did. At first. She will be really scared that Hey, what happened? The battery ran out or something that and then. Yeah, it’s a technology thing.

won’t let you do anything stupid.

Yes. You have to back up. You have to back up.

Oh, very good. That’s clever. Yeah.

And then they will they also play French music while you’re driving of the golf cart. So you feel like you’re in the mood. You know.

That’s nice. That’s very nice. Yes.

Okay. That’s my number seven.

Number seven. The loo. Okay. Ah, yeah. Paris machine pass.

It’s already been discussed in many podcasts. Or we use that and yeah, the thing about to say about it is because the toilet issue, right, you have to use the toilet at every place. You go, right? Yeah, if you go to the restaurant, don’t forget to use the toilet. But you have the if you have WC pass, and then suddenly you need a toilet and you see a nearby VCU, you just go in and even use a toilet. Yeah,

especially. Yeah, the one the one you say is, the course shall surely you know, it’s usually there’s no line. I mean, even in there might be a little line in August, July and August. But the rest of the year, there might be two or three people in front of you. It’s not like a big line. So yeah, yeah.

So because we had we were adopted, that we were the first visitors, I think, not not to them.

So we finished very, very fast in there, maybe 30 minutes. And then we had some time we passed by the code surgery. So we use the museum pass. Sure. Yeah. So that’s why it’s worth the money. Yeah,

I think it is. If And besides, if you do the math, even if you just going to see to museums, it’s worth it. So you just have to work it out. You know, you know yourself, you know what you want to see. So work it out. But for me, it’s worth it typically. Although this last time I did take it because I’ve seen most of the museum’s embarrass now. And so I just thought, Well, if I have time to go into something,

because I wasn’t sure how I was going to do on time. So I just thought, I’ll just pay for the ticket. And we even lined up at the Louvre, which is a place where I would not recommend you go without a ticket already bought any was fine. We waited maybe 10 minutes. But of course, it was December, you know, so it’s not the same as July and August.

Yes. Yeah. So, for example, when we saw the or say, and because he had the law, Lola, even for those we take, it was very low. So we just decided, let’s go to the next Museum, which is the Rodin.

Hi, yes.

So with the museum pass, it makes it so convenient. Yeah.

So it makes it easy, right? Because you don’t have to decide what museum you’re going to see. You don’t have to do the decide that you’re going to go in once or twice or five times. You could go back five times to the same museum if you want.

Yes, yeah. So Uh oh. I want to say about invalid this

in rally this.

I’m not trying to stand that only. So Valley Valley. Sorry.

Yes. So invalid. Invalid? Yes.

Yes. Yeah,

there’s a miniature.

There’s a miniature of a lot of landscape capes in France

closes at five. Yeah,

a lot of things in the winter. It closes early, even in the summer. Some of these things close early.

Know the the thing I want to say. So in village is closing at 6pm, right? Yes. But inside invalid. There are some special museums inside. And yes, they close a bit earlier. They do. Yeah, we didn’t know that.

So I didn’t see this one. The museum yet you I didn’t see it because it was closed. Same thing. Yeah.

But we could have seen it because we were already there. But we were we thought, Oh, 6pm. We have plenty of time. So yeah, we had ice cream had crepes. then by the time we got there, we see him. It’s already past five. It they will let us say, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah,

that can be a problem. Yeah, look at the look at the times of openings and closings, because something’s and especially the Sun Valley, it does have several separate museums inside of it. And so you have to be a little bit

strategic is what you visit first, and second, and third. And honestly, it’s so big. And there are so many museums inside of the invalid that you could spend six hours there. I mean, that would be a full day if you wanted to see everything.

Okay, what else? Oh, you want me to move to the next one?

Yes, we’re on seven, this move on to number eight,

number eight lottery. Angelina’s

sweet stuff. Yeah.

You know, Angelina’s I didn’t know they have so many outlets. Yes, I know that. I thought it was of course it was very special that you have to serve in advance. So I got a reservation for us at the Rivoli rightfully.

But in October, you probably could have gone without a reservation to you know, I mean, if you’re, if you have a reservation, you’ll be faster for sure. I yeah.

So I wanted to make it a special lunch, you know, yes. And yeah,

but actually, there was a long line.

Oh, was there, okay,

yes. So what I was going to say about Angelina’s is that, of course, the food was fantastic. And everything is just that because there’s so many ugliness. I didn’t know that it’s okay. If you get to get the reservation here. You can go to another one. Yes.

And the level of services the same, the food is exactly the same. I mean, whenever I’m at Angelina’s, I always get the pastry called mom long,

and it’s the same anywhere you go any of the Angelina’s but it’s the only bakery that does this particular pastry. But they all have so you can go to any I mean, there’s a bunch of them. There’s even one we were just talking about these numbers either. There is one inside of these are married.

Oh, yeah. So yeah, but the one on who the holy is nice. I mean, you get the you get the atmosphere. It’s it’s the fanciest one. I’m I’m pretty sure. I haven’t seen them all. I’ve I think so. I mean, I haven’t seen them all. I’ve seen the one in Versailles, which is very nice.

I think that might be the only one where I ate as well. Yeah,

I walk past a lot of them. I don’t go in most of the time.

Okay. So and then the lottery.

Did you know that lottery open Philippines?

I did not know that?

Yes. And of course, very expensive. Yeah.

Anyway, so we will we wanted to buy some chocolates in leathery, yeah. Because my friends told us that there’s some special chocolate, they

and then we found out that actually is chocolate is already sold in two shops in a shop. LSE in the airport. Yeah,

so that’s fine. That’s why I just want to let listeners know about it. In case they’re looking for that

for that one. Yeah, yeah.

And then before we left Paris, we ran into a waffle shop called the fabric. Give me

that brick different.

Can you Okay, can you spell give me

gi ve R.


And oh, it was fantastic. The sauce the hazelnut sauce was really really amazing. And then and I said, Well, why don’t we just buy the source as our gift for friends? Yeah, so we did we did in the owner was there and I save a if I by five? Can you give me one for free?

And you know what? He said? Yes. Nice. Nice. All you do, you only have to do is ask. Right.

And I don’t want to ask for a discount. So I tried to make it into more of Yeah. Can you give me something free like that? So yeah.

So fabric read. This is the first I have heard of this. They have several have one in Bordeaux and openness. Users. They probably have one in Paris to let’s see. No boutique. I looked it up while you were talking. Because I have not heard of this.

This is near Luxembourg garden. Okay. Yeah.


In fact, when we bought it and gave it to our relatives, it’s finished in three days.

Oh, wow. That’s that’s a new they don’t have one in to lose. That’s too bad

to add to

the owner explained to us that hey, you know, we we a this is a this this for my friends. We all chef and we are all chefs and we decided to form this and then she showed us pictures of their factory and he was very happy because we are so interested. You know,

that’s good. That’s good. Excellent. Well, I learned something today. Yeah.

Oh, and then my number night as well to talk about the French food.


Because I heard you mentioned beef bourguignon? Yes. Your gas. Yes, I was curious. What. What is that beef bourguignon? So, up to the very last day,

we always eat at restaurants, but it’s never on the menu, right. So I the night before we’re leaving, I was thinking, well, I don’t have the chance to try this dish. Nevermind,

sometimes it is on the menu, but it’s true. It’s a very specializing and it takes forever to make so it’s, it’s not going to appear on the menu. Just you know, quickly.

It’s not like a steak trick that you can make in 10 minutes. Oh, right. Yeah.

Oh, yeah. The last day we were riding the bus and suddenly I saw the words booking your

Mm hmm.

Stop at stop this go out,

right. I think there’s stop. Yeah, there’s, there’s isn’t there a place like that in lieu my car Boogie new something or other restaurant? The restaurant itself is called Boogie new,

that’s it. That’s what we saw. Okay. Okay. Yeah. So I

got off the bus. The name is all out

there. Murray

and Boogie new Jima. Hey, yes. So yeah,

that was a pass we had.

Oh, good.

be highly recommend that restaurant.


And then you had some things. Yeah, it looks like

most of the time we had done but I mean, your podcast was really helpful to us

because you learn what to order what you wanted to order?

Yes, yeah. Oh, the best doc we had was

based on plus the deer. The deer. Yeah,

Mizzou, please, do you say okay. Oh, and it was better than they do my go. Wow, that’s good. That’s good to know.

Don’t go. We also learned that from your podcast. And we try that and a bit disappointing. But the place is nice. But that was that a bit right? Yeah.

It’s it’s a historical place that a lot of people like to go to because they’ve heard of it. But it’s it draws so many tourists that they don’t really have to make a lot of effort to make the food outside ending. But it looks like it may sound crazy. It was you got a nice tender doc which is the way it should be. Yeah,

I think probably the postcard where the enemy

Very good. Very good.

Okay. Ready to move on to number 10.

Number 10. Is the scams. Jesse’s? Yeah. Yeah, we had a interesting encounter that, huh. Okay, well,

we are ready for a while. Right to watch out for this. This a scam. So yeah, the day before, we were in Opera Garnier. And we saw them approaching us and then we immediately ran away. Okay,


but in front of the opera. It’s quite a big open space. So you can have a lot of room to move. Mm hmm. So the next day we are going to the museum or saying in the morning, and we wanted to be early because, you know, long line. So

we were walking to the VCU maybe about two blocks away. Mm hmm. Then walking on the sidewalk and then meet when I walk on the sidewalk. I always look down because I look for the books. Dog books.

Yes. Yes. Wise, smart guy.

And then my wife said, then he said, let’s move to the other side. And so she went to the other side. But I was late to react when I look up. I was already surrounded by gypsies. Yeah. And then you know, like, I felt like I was a they’re like, they’re asking me for my signature, right? Yeah, I didn’t want to talk to them. So but on my left is a big wall in my right. It’s a car so I cannot go anywhere. I we tried it yet. I was trapped. Exactly. Yeah. So

suddenly I run we run very fast. Mm hmm. And then they chased me so he chased

you Oh my god,

they one of the guy one of the guy there was some girls and guys and the guy one of them where they run very fast and then after maybe 30 seconds or one minute I stop and walk and then I noticed the guy was right behind me. Wow. Oh, so I run again I run very fast straight to the zeal. Yeah,

that’s that is see that’s terrible because I’ve seen them approach people but I haven’t seen them chase them down before that’s like bad

you know why they chase me because I noticed my bag was open

I mean they someone managed to open my bag and and my phone was still inside so I was very happy

yeah yeah you locked out that on that one

there so I think that we’re chasing me because they would didn’t manage to get the phone

mm hmm

yeah so that’s what I’m going to say about the Gypsy and after we visit the museum we walked to the bridge the point the art of the that and then I saw old lady

doing the rings cameo the Winston

yes I do.

Tell us about it. Tell us about it. Maybe some people haven’t heard about him

well the old lady usually has little boy with her okay so this is we saw the real thing because there was a tourist and she was holding a something in her hand and the old lady was walking away so the rings kameez

someone will will when you’re walking along this areas, that bridge or especially someone will say hey, you drop something, and she will pick up from the ground. Mm hmm. All right. called ring. And then she asked you, Is this yours? And then you say, of course, is that mine? Yeah. But she was asked you to keep for for lunch or for something, then when you say Yes, sir. Why that? And then they will ask you for money. Right? Right. Right. So that is the, the, the,

the idea for them. And for all of these scams is for them to engage with you and interact with you. And then you feel obligated to keep talking to them. Because most people figure out quite quickly that it’s a scam. But they feel embarrassed to just walk off. You know, this is an old lady in front of them. What are they gonna do? They keep talking to her. And it’s a it’s a bad thing. So that’s why it’s best if you try to not talk to them at all. Just walk off, say nothing. And this is the one time where you don’t say

you say nothing but anything, right? Right. Yep.

All right. Well, that’s very wise. That’s very good advice. I’m sorry, it happened to you. But it’s, it happens frequently. But I never seen them run out run after people that that’s a bit much there. You know. Yeah. Yeah.

So that’s, that’s something I would always tell my friends. So it’s gonna be a fun story.


All right. You ready for number? 11?

Oh, yeah. I’ll bring their bed.

You know, after listening. It’s like this. I found out about your podcast about two months before our trip. Yeah. So when I learned about what you were saying, I changed some of our itinerary. Mm hmm. So for example, I remove one mark.

I did. Yeah, I did. Oh, God. Yeah. Yes. Mine.

And then. And then I also added about the bush is good. Yeah. And so I’m going to suggest that in your podcast, you suggested first timers to take the bottles, right?

Yes. Right. Yes. Yes. Good. You should do it on the first day. But I mean, you don’t have to

actually what I’m going to say is, my suggestion is to take it on the last day on the

last day, okay.

Yes, that’s what we did. And you know why? Because the bottom is like, it’s like, it gives you a recap of everything you visited.

That’s true.

So if you if you did it on the last day, and then you’re on the river and you say, Hey, we that’s where we were, this is, this is the place we were and so it was something different you know,

that’s that’s a good point that it could be a nice way to close the, the the trip like to say, look, here’s the media dossier. Here’s the Eiffel Tower. Here’s the Napoleon, the third bridge, whatever, you know,

it’s good that it will say, oh, next time, we’ll visit this one. There’s something that’s all it’s kind of fun. Yeah. Yeah,

that’s a good point. That’s a good point.

You also saw the sparkling Eiffel at the last day. So again, as as as like a goodbye Paris. You know,

it’s good.

Alright, are we ready to finish with number 12?

Number two? I would suggest

to have five full days. Mm hmm. Because we only had three full days. So I think it was not enough. Yeah,

it’s very short. Three days is too short. Yeah,

I mean, you know what I did?

What I did was our trip to Brussels. I delayed it to the very last train, you know, at night, huh? For that on our last day, we could still have at least half a day in Paris. Yes.

But my, in the future. If I could have planned this better, I would have put five days five full days, at least in Paris alone, because we realized that after visiting Paris is and then you visit the other churches in other countries.

It’s like a saw the best and then

either boring. It’s not the same. There is a reason why people mostly go to Paris, Rome, London, is because these are the three countries that had the most art

to put in there. Kept capitals. I remember going to Helsinki, which is a beautiful, beautiful town, you know, in Finland, but it’s not very well decorated, like,

like in the 15 and 1600 in the 1200s. They weren’t building cathedrals. And in the 15 and 1600s, they weren’t hiring

Italian artists to come decorate all their monuments. And so in any chose, it’s just not the same Mom. Yes. Yeah.

So those our data by 12 tips, and you want me to share some of my thoughts are no more

Sure. Sure. Go ahead. I mean, quickly, because we’ve been talking a long time.

Oh, sorry about it. Okay. So something we notice that

the we like, is a French people spell. Nice.

They smell nice. Yeah,

there’s no by the order. You know what I mean? Yeah.

Well, sometimes some of them don’t. But for the most part anymore, they do wash every day and use perfume and that sort of thing. Yeah, yeah.

Because, of course, we travel to India and other countries. And yeah, yeah, I just say it like, even if the bus is so many people, you don’t get, you know,

get a little. Yeah. Anyway, today, I saw a notices that they throw away for. Did you notice that

in Paris of the throwaway food? Maybe? Yeah, we, we, we,

we bought sandwiches at the bakery. And then

maybe it was closing time. And just like us one minute after we bought we bought the sandwiches, and then we saw them throwing away the saboteurs,

huh. No, I’ve never noticed that, huh? Yeah,

to the garbage can. So we thought, well,

that’s a big waste of food.

Yes. Well, maybe they were going to be bad the next day or something? I don’t know. But you didn’t get sick with them. So

no, no, no, no, but you know, in Philippines, the bakeries here they offer a 50% discount all food,

right, right. So they make it really cheap. And then everybody buys them. Yeah, yeah,

that’s what you notice. And then another thing we like is garbage cans. This is something we saw away The garbage can see or see through, you can see the garbage. Yeah,

that’s for security, right?

Yes. I’m pretty sure they don’t want anybody to be able to put anything heavy in there. Like a bomb.

Yes, it was.

It was a very smart way. Yeah. Yeah.

Well, it’s, it’s visually it’s not the most pleasant thing. But it’s easier for the, for the police and, and the people who work on the street. You know, people who work cleaning the streets and all that. Keep an eye on things.

Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Oh, I have one final point. And this I want to share to all my

Asian friends. Okay. It’s about travel insurance. Uh huh. Because a lot about three weeks before our flight, the airline company, they they changed the date of our departure. Oh, so I was in a panic mode, because, you know, I had to book another hotel, and then had to change my we’re supposed to fly back to London. And the same day, Rachel reboot, like, you know, yeah,

you had a complicated trip. You were going several places. Yeah. Yeah.

So it was not so easy. Because they just said to us, they send an email and said, oh, by the way, your departure date has changed to this day. Oh, wow. It is. So if you don’t have travel insurance, so it’s good thing we had. So actually, I was able to play insurance out of it. Mm hmm. And so,

but then my suggestion is to always keep the receipts because if you don’t have receipts, you cannot take anything.

That’s true. That’s true. Yeah. So it’s good to to keep your receipts.

All right. Well, Eric, you have been a very interesting guest on the podcast. It’s a very different type of episode because we still give advice but it’s from an Asian perspective, which we’ve never had before. So this is excellent, excellent. Thank you so very much for coming on the podcast. And yeah, do tell your Asian friends they will do that they can listen and they can avoid all the scams and stuff and of course I’ll put all your notes

I think your episode is going to be 220 this one smoke but it might and I might have to change that but if it is then it will be joining us in France. com forward slash 220 and then you’ll be able to see just the show the show notes that I write about this but also Eric’s notes for notes of everything he sent me to go through this episode so you can see everything in writing

to meet you in person

it would be lovely to meet you in person as well. Eric Thank you so much.

care so much.

Don’t look Wow. I’ll give our for

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