Show Notes for Episode 145: Honeymoon on the French Riviera

Categories: Honeymoon in France, Provence

Discussed in this Episode

  • Nice
  • Cannes
  • Saint-Paul-de-Vence
  • Èze
  • La Turbie
  • Monaco

Episode Highlights

[2’06] Announcing Enhanced Show Notes for
[8’12”] 4 days and 4 nights in Nice, on the French Riviera
[9′] The idea was to explore Paris, but also add a relaxed but take time for the romance as well
[10′] The French Riviera where the elites go to vacation and some of the most beautiful places in the world
[11’31] Nice seemed like a good place to be based out of because it is so central, and old-town Nice is so quaint
[12’15] Thinking about renting a luxury car but changing their mind after learning some specifics about driving in France, and especially parking on the Riviera (listen to the episode in full for more reasons not to do that!)
[13’42] Booking private tours just for the two of them on Viatour instead and finding out some interesting historical facts from the drivers/guides
[14′] You can see strong historical ties between France and Italy when visiting the Riviera, and it looks like Tuscany in places
[15′] Great Pizza and Italian food at the French Riviera, and how they don’t slice it for you
[16′] Their driver took them to Cannes (you can also listen to the episode about the Cannes Film Festival) to get a quick taste
[17″15] Antibes, which has a lovely Picasso Museum, but if you want to see amazing yachts and boats, this is the place to go
[19″] Saint-Paul de Vence, the Jewel of the French Riviera, a walled medieval city with a lot of history, cobblestone streets, and art galleries
[21′]Èze, another medieval city with a beautiful not-to-be-missed garden at the top of the hill, great gelato, great cheese and meat platter, and the Parfumarie Galimard where you can get a free tour of how they make soap
[23′] Parking in Èze is difficult, La Turbie is very close to Èze and also very nice to visit
[24′] Monaco, second smallest country in the world, extremely rich, very interesting to see, you can see sites where they filmed To Catch a Thief, you can see the Casino and all the luxury cars, they drove on the road where the Grand Prix de Monaco takes place, there’s also a great aquarium, you can tour the Palace
[29′] Is 4 days enough? Just right? Too much?
[30’15] Hôtel La Pérouse in Nice, Gary describes the wonderful view and great services
[33’44] Local food and restaurants: a lot of seafood, pastas with octopus
[35′] Popular drinks in Nice: a “Monaco” (beer + grenadine) and a “Panaché” (beer + limonade), Pastis or Anisette (anis-flavored apéritif drink)
[36′] La Fougasse: bread with onion and anchovies or other items, pizza is also very good, great ice-cream parlors (Fenocchio is a favorite of Annie’s)
[37’30] Beach clubs: a highlight of their honeymoon, they went to Castel Plage, you pay for lounge chairs, umbrella, towels, and you have service, food, drinks (including a very large Blonde de Saint-Tropez)
[44′] It’s a rocky beach in Nice, so it’s good to have a beach chair and have beach shoes, and then you don’t have to worry about messy sand!
[46’30] September was great weather in both Paris and Nice
[48′] Old town Nice is lovely, has great restaurant, great to walk around and explore
[49′] Spending 4 full days in Nice would be too long, but breaking it up with visits to other areas makes it just right
[49’30] How listening to the podcast was critical in helping Gary get inspiration

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