Guest Notes for Episode 386: 7 Day Trips from Paris

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Discussed in this Episode

  • Rambouillet
  • La laiterie de la Reine
  • La gauthique crapaudière
  • La Chaumière aux Coquillages
  • Auvers-sur-Oise
  • Fontainebleau
  • Saint-Cloud
  • Saint-Germain-en-Laye
  • Provins
  • and Versailles

Outline for discussion of my seven-day trips from Paris

Setup: One week of beautiful weather in late March led to a personal challenge to be spontaneous and find seven day trips out of Paris that I could take using the weekly Navigo pass.

  1. Mon: Rambouillet
    1. Town of Rambouillet
    2. Chateau was originally a medieval fortress, and was used by Louis XVI and Napoleon I. Later was used as a summer home and meeting place by French Presidents between 1896 and 2009.  The first meeting of the G6 was held there.
    3. La Laiterie de la Reine
      1. Château was deemed « la gothique crapaudière » by Marie Antoinette, who as given a second play farm to entice her to like Rambouillet
    4. La chaumière aux coquillages
  2. Tues: Auvers sur Oise
    1. The town where Van Gogh lived the last few months of his life
    2. Paired with the podcast “Finding Van Gogh” put out by the Städel museum
  3. Wed: Fontainebleau
    1. UNESCO world heritage site
    2. Chateau of historical importance for French kings, and architectural importance as an early example of the importation of Renaissance style from Italy to France.
  4. Thur: Domaine national de Saint-Cloud
    1. Château similar to Fontainebleau, destroyed during the Franco-Prussian war
    2. Fountains are still there, along with a virtual reality machine to learn about the missing building
    3. Paired with the official app
  5. Fri: St Germain en Laye
    1. Traditional street market
    2. National Archeology Museum, in a Chateau
  6. Sat: Provins
    1. UNESCO world heritage site
    2. Pass Provins (15 euros) gets you into the five paid monuments
      1. Tour César
      2. Musée de Provins et du Provinois
  • Souterrains
  1. Grange aux Dîmes
  2. Prieuré Saint Ayoul
  1. Fun atmosphere – people dressed up in medieval garb
  1. Sun: Parc de Versailles
    1. With a bike on the RER, entered the park via Allée des Matelots, on the left side of the park.
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Categories: Day-Trips from Paris, Paris