The Best of Sète, Episode 107

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Categories: Montpellier Area, Off the Beaten Track in France

This episode features our frequent and very popular guest Elyse Rivin. If you enjoy her episodes, please consider supporting her on Patreon.

Sète is full of charm, history and genuine French culture. It is a favorite of French families who go to enjoy the ambiance, the canals, the sea and the sun. If you'd like to spend some time on the Mediterranean and not spend your whole vacation budget in two days, keep reading and listening, this is the city for you! Learn how to enjoy the best of Sète Annie and Elyse's way.


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Discussed in this Episode

  • Beach in France
  • Mediterranean Resort
  • Sète
  • Thau Lagoon
  • Tielle
  • Off the Beaten Track in France
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Recommended in this Episode

When Annie visited Sète after recording this episode, she stayed at a hotel called Le National. She found it comfortable, clean, the owner was friendly. This is a family-run hotel, the hotel lobby closes in the afternoon. The owner will contact you via SMS to confirm the details of how to get into your room.

Le National is a great budget hotel, in a good location, easy walking distance to the Canals, free parking is not difficult near the hotel. Skip the hotel breakfast (nothing special or "bof, bof" as we say in French) and go have breakfast at a café near the Canal instead.

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Canal with boats and beautiful homes: the best of Sète episode
Photo Annie Sargent

Let's Review

Annie and Elyse think that Sète is definitely worth a couple of days. The area has a lot to offer without being pretentious and out of reach financially. And you'll love the accent, it's like they are singing when they talk over there!

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Categories: Montpellier Area, Off the Beaten Track in France

2 Replies to “The Best of Sète, Episode 107”

  1. Hi Annie – thanks for the great episode. You’ve inspired me to look into spending some time in Sete on my next trip to France. However, in doing a quick search on the area, I’m seeing a lot of wonderful looking and reasonably priced accommodations in the neighboring town of Adge. While the Sete border extends right up to Adge, it seems like the city centers are nearly 30 km apart. Could you comment on how Adge and Sete are similar and different? I would be there with the family in the first week of July 2017.

    Thanks a bunch,


  2. Thanks Annie – what a great episode! In planning for our family trip in 2017, I’ve been looking for a place just like Sete as you’ve described it. Question: I did a quick search on accommodations in the area and found that the options are expanded greatly if one considers both the towns of Sete and the neighboring town of Agde. Could you comment on Agde? On the map and in pictures they seem very similar but (although they border each other) their town centers are nearly 30 km apart. Any comparisons or contrasts you can provide would be helpful.

    Thanks a bunch! (also apologies if this was posted twice)


  3. Great episode! I never heard of Sete before and enjoyed learning more. I searched YouTube videos for boat jousting in Sete , looks like fun!