Southern Burgundy, Episode 61

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Today on Join Us in France we visit Southern Burgundy, specifically the department of Saône et Loire (71) with Jeff Steiner of Americans in France. Jeff prefers to visit places that don't attract tourists by the bus-load and this is what we discuss on today's episode of the podcast.

Southern Burgundy: "la France profonde"

This is an area that French people would qualify as "la France profonde" meaning that it is rural, has centuries of history during which strong culinary and viticulture traditions developed.

Definitely Off the Beaten Track for France!

Is it worth a visit? We think it is! Some places are over-hyped and others are definitely not getting enough attention. Southern Burgundy is one of those places that doens't get enough attention.

We Help You Decide

Jeff gives us a great overview the best his department has to offer. And, we love this, he has great suggestions for people visiting with kids. He talks about towns you've probably never heard until now but you'll want to visit.

As always on the podcast, we bring you a conversation that will help you decide what is going to be best for you. But Southern Burgundy has so much to offer that I can't wait to visit myself!

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Discussed in this Episode

  • Saône-et-Loire Department
  • Beaune (Côte d'Or)
  • Le Creusot
  • Mâcon
  • Chalon-sur-Saône
  • Autun
  • Saint-Loup-de-Varennes
  • Château de Brancion
  • Châteaux de Cormatin
  • Voie Verte
  • Voie Bleue
  • Cluny
  • Plottes
  • Lugny
  • Viré
  • Saint-Gengoux-le-national
  • Chardonnay
  • Saint-Amour
  • Saint-Amour-Bellevue
  • Tournus
  • Louhans
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Jeff Steiner: southern burgundy episode
Jeff Steiner
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Category: Burgundy Area

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    1. Thank you for letting me know! There was a technical problem with the RSS feed, but it’s fixed now. Happy listening!

  1. We are an Australian family living in Dijon. We love listening to your podcasts as we drive around exploring France. We happened to listen to this one on Southern Burgundy on Easter Sunday and heard Jeff talking about the fabulous poultry market in Louhans held on Easter Mondays. Good timing! So the next day we headed on down to Louhans. It was indeed completely packed out and though we did not make any purchases, we saw many people heading out carrying cardboard boxes with the freshly purchased poultry scratching around inside.