Christmas Markets in France, Episode 45


For me, Christmas is all about the anticipation. The music, the decorations, and the Christmas Markets! I love all the little things we do in preparation for the big day. And in France we have a long tradition of Christmas Markets. In today's episode Annie and Elyse chat about Christmas Markets in France: how they got started and why they are so important.

Christmas Markets in France Are Getting More Popular Every Year

It used to be only a few French cities held a Christmas Market, not any more! In the last few years there has been a glut of new Christmas Markets popping up all over France. We even have French villages putting on a Christmas Market for a day or two! Some of them are very quirky, others offer a lot of promise.

Not All Christmas Markets in France Are Created Equal

But there are vast regional differences between the size and quality of Christmas Markets. The Alsace region is where you'll find the biggest and best Christmas Markets. Then comes Paris and then Provence. Other regions are trying to catch up, but we're not there yet.

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Let's Review

If you listen to the episode or click through to the Show Notes you'll hear Elyse explain why we see so many regional differences. Hint: it's about the history, of course!

Given that, where do we think you should go to enjoy Christmas Markets in France? We have definite recommendations for you!


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Geralda Boulden
Geralda Boulden

I am on your e-mail list. I live in Waterloo Ontario and am 82
years old. I (we) have been in France several times but am not
likely to have that opportunity again. My husband died 3 months ago.
I enjoy your podcasts very much. I listen to them in the evening and can see many of the places that we have visited. They bring back happy memories and I congratulate you both
on beginning this project with all the best intentions and now
your audience is growing and there is promise of many more
podcasts to come. Thank you and Happy New Year.


In Southern California, the weather hardly gets that cold around Christmas, but when there is even the slightest breeze, people will put on their heavy winter clothes when you could survive with way less. I suppose it has something to do with nostalgia. Sometimes, there are outdoor skating rinks but they’re far and wide and not out for long. And yes, our tree is also a hodge podge of things. My family here is Mexican and that means one word: tamales, tamales, tamales. So we eat pretty much only tamales (many kinds) at Christmas when the entire family is together.… Read more »


Love the podcast! I’m a new listener living in Sydney, but originally from the Seattle area in the States. My husband is Aussie (though his ‘Mum’ is originally from Argentina) and Sydney is very multi-cultural, so I’ll try to share a bit of what I’ve learned about Christmas in the Land of Oz (no true Aussie would call it that, by the way, but I’m taking some creative liberty). 🙂 Christmas traditions in Australia can vary a lot based on cultural backgrounds, but it’s summer here now which is also known as “the silly season” (because of great weather +… Read more »