Best Destinations in Corsica, Episode 173

What are the best destinations in Corsica? William Ciardiello tells us how he made friends in Corsica and how they showed him a fantastic time in Corsica, an island in the Mediterranean that is not on  many people's radar, but is stunning in every way: landscape, food, wine, activities, all are outstanding on Corsica!

Coming up with a list of best destinations in Corsica is difficult because there are so many! But with the help of locals who live there year-round, William helps us curate a list of best destinations in Corsica and some of the best this French island has to offer.

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Recommended in this Episode

Restaurants recommended in this Episode: La Ferme de Campo di Monte, a good place to stay would be Corte because it's in the center.

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Discussed in this Episode

  • Corsica
  • Saint Florent
  • Cap Corse
  • Bastia
  • Murato
  • Bonifacio
  • Santa Guilia
  • Sant’Antunino
  • Calinzana
  • Corte
best destinations in corsica: family that hosted William
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Thinking about visiting Corsica? It is the island paradise just off the French & Italian coasts. It is not as well-known as nearby Provence, but it is just as compelling. Splendid weather year-round, gorgeous coast, amazing mountains, great food and wine (Corsican cuisine is a wonderful mix of French and Italian) and friendly locals as you will hear about in this episode of the Join Us in France Travel Podcast. #corsica #corsicanlifestyle #corsicaforever

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