Paris: Skipping the line in Paris, tickets.

Paris: Skipping the Line in Paris

Buy your tickets in advance so you can skip the line!

This is a list of all the places where I buy tickets online so I can skip the line. I still have to go through the security line, but everybody has to do that. Please note that the lines for timed ticket holders are always the shortest other than visiting with a guide-conférencier such as Elyse on our tours.

So here’s my advice: bite the bullet and buy timed advance tickets! It will force you to plan your days out, but isn’t that why you came to this site to begin with?

Paris: Skipping the Line in Paris

Join Us in France has no commercial relationship with these sites, I recommend them because I use them and they’re not places where they sell fake tickets.

To climb the Tower at Notre Dame de Paris

Tickets to visit the Sainte Chapelle

Tickets to visit the Catacombs

Tickets to visit the Louvre

Tickets to visit the Orsay Museum (these tickets are not dated); look here for more purchase options

Tickets to the Eiffel Tower (lots of possibilities here!)

Want to see what all is available around a certain date? Look at France Billet, the site is only partially translated into English, but it’s such a good resource. In the same vein, you can also use FNAC, either online or in person when you get to Paris. Some things will be sold out if you wait until you can go to a FNAC store, but it’s better than not planning at all.

Keep in mind that getting the ticket is only one part of the equation. Many venues must also implement crowd control measures. They can’t let 1000 people go up the stairs at Notre Dame all at once because that would be dangerous. So, if a place has lots of stairs, narrow passages, or are very small, they will only let so many people in per hour. This is done for everybody’s safety.

When you buy your tickets in advance, you are not certain you won’t have to line up at all, but at least you won’t have to line up just for tickets. Book your tickets, make it real! And listen to the episodes for the places you’re going to visit. Episodes are sure to get you excited to go!

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