How do podcasts work?

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What’s a Podcast? How do I listen?

At Join Us in France we produce and publish podcasts. A podcast is audio on demand.

  • You can listen to podcasts from your smartphone, from your Amazon Echo or Dot, from Spotify, Google Play Store, iTunes, or from your computer.

Listening From a Smartphone or iPad

To listen to a podcast from a smartphone, you need to go through a podcast App.

Apple devices already come with a Podcast App by default: iphone app logo

If you use an Android phone, you can play podcasts from the Google Play Music, or choose another App such as CastBox:

CastBox Podcast App Logo

Watch a short video on how to listen to podcasts on your iPhone or iPad

Listening From Your Amazon Echo or Dot

To listen to Join Us in France from your Amazon device, first, you have to enable the podcast on your device by saying: “Alexa, enable Join Us in France”.

Then to play an episode, you say: “Alexa, play Join Us in France”

Once it’s playing, you can say: “Alexa tell Join Us in France to skip back 5 episodes” (you could also say “go back 5 episodes”, that’s the great thing about it, it’s not super particular, it gets used to how you talk!)

Or maybe you’ll want to say: “Alexa, tell Join Us in France to play the newest episode”

Or you could say: “Alexa, tell Join Us in France to play episode 187”

You can also skip around within the episode, if I said some mysterious French word you want to hear again, while it’s playing say: “Alexa, tell Join Us in France to rewind 5 seconds” (you could also say “go back 5 seconds”)

If you want to pause, say: “Alexa, stop”

And when you’re ready to listen again, say: “Alexa, resume”

It’s that simple!

Listening From A Computer

Every page on this site displays a play button on top. Click on it, make sure your sound is on, and you’re good to go!

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  1. Just heard my first podcast about Arles in Provence. I thought it was pretty good. I am especially interested because my wife an I are moving to Haute Savoie in October, probably in Veigy Foncenex and your podcasts will help us familiarize ourselves with the whole country.
    So I am very excited to continue listening as well moving to France later in the year.

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