Top Attractions in Figeac, Episode 143

Top Attractions in Figeac, happy family in Figeac, France
Figeac, Place des Écritures, photo Manuel Alende Maceira.

Top Attractions in Figeac

Today, Elyse and Annie want you to meet someone amazing. Let’s see if you can guess who it is: He changed linguistics forever. He was an Egyptologist. He was born in Figeac, France, a small town in the Southwest.

Did you guess Jean-François Champollion? That’s correct! Champollion is the reason most people visit Figeac today. Either that or they have a job in aeronautics. Figeac is a small town in the middle of nowhere, completely off the beaten track, but we wanted to tell you about the top attractions in Figeac today because we happen to love it and we want to share. The Champollion Museum is also outstanding and we tell you why in the episode. Enjoy!

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 Episode Highlights
  • [5’39”] Where is Figeac?
  • [6’39”] How big is it?
  • [7’10”] Figeac is in the Lot Department, 2 – 2.5 hrs drive North of Toulouse
  • [8’05”] One of the top attractions in Figeac is the home of Champollion
  • [8’40”] The meandering landscape of the Célé river
  • [9’08”] 8th century monastery founded by Pépin le Bref
  • [11’47”] The home to two major aerospace industry companies: Ratier Figeac and Figeac Aéro
  • [12’13”] Figeac during the War of Religions in France
  • [13’10”] Figeac during the French Resistance
  • [14′] Thriving town because of the aerospace industry
  • [16’52] Restored city center with lots of Medieval and Renaissance homes
  • [18’46”] Jean-François Champollion and his museum
  • [18’50”] One of the top attractions in Figeac is for linguistics nerds
  • [20’16”] A recap on the Rosetta Stone
  • [24’11”] The life of Jean-François Champollion
  • [27′] Champollion, the Egyptologist
  • [30’30”] Champollion and the Obelisk on Place de la Concorde in Paris
  • [31’30”] Champollion died young
  • [32’38”] What will you see inside the Champollion Museum?
  • [35’32”] Top attractions in Figeac for food and local specialties
  • [36’51”] Can you speak Ancient Egyptian?
  • [38′] Archaeology as a science didn’t start until Napoleon
  • [39′] We love travel because it helps us learn new things
  • [40′] Announcement on the new Join Us in France Book Group on Goodreads
  • [41’10”] “J’ai une mémoire de poisson rouge”

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  1. A subject not mentioned in your discussion is the importance of Figeac for pèlerins who are walking the Chemin de St. Jacques de Compostelle. It is a major town for them. It is a good place for a respite, a major town along the way with many services. The second reason is that many hikers will make a significant decision at Figeac: will they continue to follow the major route (boring)–GR65–or will they take the more scenic route along the Célé River, the GR651, which will eventually give them the opportunity to visit Saint-Cirq-Lapopie. Some photos of Figeac and the countryside leading to Figeac and away can be seen at and .

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