Show Notes for Episode 154: How to Protect Yourself from Pickpockets in Paris

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20 Tips to Protect Yourself from Pickpockets in Paris

  1. Remove as much as you can from your wallet or purse.
  2. Don’t put anything in your back pocket.
  3. Don’t put anything in pockets unless they zip or button.
  4. Only take one credit card and a little bit of cash with you, the rest should stay at the hotel.
  5. Don’t have your driver’s license on you.
  6. Don’t carry your passport, only a photocopy.
  7. Photocopy the front and back of your credit cards and keep them in a safe place just in case you need to call to cancel them.
  8. Do not bring any checks to France, you can’t use them.
  9. Notify your bank that you’ll be traveling abroad.
  10. Don’t bring your work ID.
  11. Bring a list of all the medications you take and bring enough drugs for your whole stay.
  12. Only carry one day’s worth of medications on your person.
  13. Women should carry a purse that they can have across their torso.
  14. Cargo pants with buttoned pockets are good for men, but there are pickpockets who specialize in emptying cargo pockets.
  15. Loose clothing puts you at great risk. You need to be able to feel your belongings.
  16. Protect your phone! Women should consider keeping it in their bra or in a zipped pocket.
  17. Put different things in different purse pockets.
  18. If you don’t live in a large city in the US you are not used to being on alert for theft.
  19. Photographers need to consider using a holster system like the Peak Design Capture Pro with its accompanying Clutch that Annie now owns and loves.
  20.  Be aware that jet-lag and disorientation make you an easy target.
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Categories: Health & Safety, Paris