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Paris Hotels We Use and Recommend


You need a hotel room in Paris but you’re not ready to sift through a few thousand Paris hotel recommendations on Trip Advisor? Let us help you cut to the chase with the list of hotels Annie and Elyse use and like both personally and for our tours.

How much do you have to pay to get a good hotel room in central Paris? In April, May, September and October 100€ per night is an amazing deal, 175€ is a good deal. If you think that’s really high, please take a look at prices in nearby London where 100€ per night gets you, hum, let’s see… nothing? Yes, nothing. Crazy cheap in London starts at 180£, Paris hotels are VERY cheap compared to London hotels.

We Look for Value, Location and Comfort

Elyse and I are actually very picky when it comes to hotels. We’re not spring chickens and need comfortable, safe, and good location where we can get a good night sleep.

Unlike most travel bloggers who only write in exchange for free services, we actually pay for our rooms. In other words, we’re not recommending these hotels because they give us freebies, we’re recommending them because we think they are a great value.

If you require anything special that is not listed on the website, please call the hotel and ask. Everyone who works in the hospitality industry in Paris can take a call in English, don’t be shy!

So what is our criteria for recommending these Paris hotels?

  1. Good location with easy access to major sites and public transportation.
  2. Safe areas, you can come and go all day and all night without fearing for your life.
  3. Comfortable rooms at various price points. Some of the people who tour with us won’t bat an eye at 300€ a night, other need to keep it closer to 100€-150€ per night. That’s OK with us: there is great value at every price point if you know where to look, and we know where to look!
  4. More about our hotel selection criteria.

Many of the hotels on our recommended list are located within walking distance to Notre Dame. Why is that?  Because we find ideal for visiting all the major Paris sites we enjoy. You will find hotels at different price points and amenities in this list, value is the name of the game.

So, here’s our own list of Paris hotels we use and recommend:

Hotels with View of the Eiffel Tower

This hotel is in Saint-Germain-des-Prés but its penthouse rooftop has a great view of the Eiffel Tower. The hotel also has a great breakfast and the Saint-Germain-des-Prés location can’t be beat!

At a much cheaper price (because the rooms are small) if you can reserve room 602 or 603 you’ll have a lovely view to the Eiffel Tower! I’ve stayed there several times, please note that this hotel is in a busy area during the day-time, but it calms right down at night. I’m a light sleeper and I never had any trouble getting a good night sleep there. Friendly staff too!

On the Left Bank

NEW RECOMMENDATION! Hôtel Relais des Halles. Quiet hotel, centrally located, air conditioning, close to a metro stop, good breakfast, great staff, very clean has been updated recently.

Grand Hôtel des Balcons–Elyse’s favorite, great location and staff, but no AC. Very good for a budget hotel, central quiet location (6th arrondissement).

Hotel Belloy–3 stars, Elyse has stayed there a  few times, a bit more pricey, but nice location (near the Cluny Museum, 6th). Area is very busy and can be loud due to sirens.

Petit Belloy–Annie stayed there  during the Inaugural Tour. The rooms are small, but if you can get one of the rooms on the 6th floor, you will love the view of the Eiffel Tower! There was a kettle in the room, free coffee any time, the AC works great, a tiny elevator, and the beds are comfortable. This hotel does not have a lobby, but they will hang on to your luggage if needed. I will definitely go back to this hotel. Right across from the Belloy, area is very busy and can be loud due to sirens.

Citadines Saint-Germain-des-Près–Great location near Notre Dame, Annie has stayed at this hotel and can recommend it personally. They won’t make your room every day (it’s more of a long-stay hotel) but they have a lobby that offers lots of services. Family rooms are available at this hotel.

Hotel Excelsior Latin–Recommended by several members of the Join Us in France Closed Group. Family rooms are available at this hotel.

Hôtel du Levant–Fridge in the room, comfortable to get back to after a long day in Paris.

Hôtel Design Sorbonne –Recommended by Melissa Alt on the Join Us in France Closed Group.

Hôtel Saint-Paul Rive-Gauche–Recommended by Philip Oswald on the Join Us in France Closed Group.

Hôtel des 3 Collèges–Recommended by Philip Oswald on the Join Us in France Closed Group.

Hôtel Le Walt–In the 7th Arrondissement near Rue Cler. Recommended by Colin Buchanan on the Join Us in France Closed Group.

Hotel We Recommend in the Marais

Hotel De Neuve: both Annie and podcast guest Scott Fischer have stayed there and it’s in a great location (near the Saint Paul Metro Station) and reasonably priced. Comfortable beds and helpful staff too! Nothing fancy, but if you’re looking for a good place to sleep, this would hit the spot!

Outside of Paris Center — Safe Budget Hotels

Ibis in Charenton-le-Pont: you’ll be within 20 minutes of Paris city center with a 20 minute bus ride. I’ve stayed there, it’s a classic Ibis. Clean, not super plush, but comfortable none the less. There is a mall underneath the hotel as well as covered parking. The area is safe.

Staying in the 13th

Another hotel Annie has tested and found to be clean, safe, and where getting to city center only took 20 minutes by metro is the Lodge In in the 13th Arrondissement. This is a hotel where large tour groups go. It’s not plush at all, but basic needs will be met.

Whatever you do, don’t stay in the northeast corner of Paris. Listen to Dicey Paris Neighborhoods, Episode 194 for more details on why we recommend you avoid that part of the city.

Hotel Near Charles-de-Gaulle CDG Airport

Mercure Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle: A good choice if you would like to stay close to the airport before you fly home without paying a fortune. There is a free shuttle between the terminals and the hotel that runs about every 20 minutes. Then it’s a 20 minute drive in the shuttle. So, you need to plan on an hour to get between the hotel and the airport, but the accommodations are comfortable and the rooms are bigger than what you’ll find in Paris city center. We’ve used it and think it’s a good option!

Please review hotel amenities and refund policy carefully before making your choice.

Would You Rather Rent an Apartment?

If you can’t find what you need and would rather rent an apartment, listen to this episode: Secrets to Finding an Apartment in Paris, Episode 153

Join Us in France has an affiliate relationship with these hotels and a commission is earned if you book through this website.

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