Guest Notes for Episode 391: Looking for a place to call your own in France

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Here’s our itinerary (February 20-March 14):

Switzerland (flew into Geneva) – stayed with friends near Vevey for a week, then train back to Geneva Airport and rented a car on the French side (cheaper than renting on the Swiss side, but you have to take a cab from the Swiss side to the French side if you don’t have a boarding pass)
St. Hilaire (staying at a lovely AirBnB here for 11 days) – known for its abbey, where the monks discovered the process to make sparkling wine (Blanquette de Limoux ) before Dom Perignon apparently stole it
Quillan, Esperaza, Fanjeaux, Montrèal and Couiza – we wanted to see what smaller communities are like in winter…some too small for us, and lots of stuff is closed up
Limoux – loved it – and lucked into Carnavale on Fat Tuesday…so fun and interesting history. We’ll never get the confetti out of our stuff! So much confetti!
Carcassonne – did the audio tour of the fortified part of the city and walked around the “new” part of the city – the outskirts might be a good choice for us
Castelnaudary – we didn’t like the feel of it at all…saw the windmill and left!

Still to see:
Foix and Ax-Les-Thermes (we want to be closer to the mountains)
Drive east and stay with friends near Uzès/Avignon
Lons le Saunier (just a bit of southern Burgundy…missed it last time)
Leave from GVA.

Châlon-sur-Saône: looking for a place to call your own episode
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Category: Moving to France