Guest Notes for Episode 389: Classic French Recipes with a Vegan Twist

Category: French Food & Wine

Theme: Vegan French Cooking


Name: Sarala Terpstra

Instagram: @saralaterpstra


You Tube: Sarala Terpstra


  • My background:

I’m an American expat living in France and a long-time Francophile. After going plant-based, I missed French cooking and started experimenting with veganizing French recipes. This led to me creating an instagram blog and writing a cookbook.


  • What is vegan French cooking:
    • Applying the concepts of French cooking to plants: cooking with wine, herbs, mustard, vinegars, and traditionally French vegetables
    • Substituting:  plant milk and coconut cream in place of milk and heavy cream, making “cheese” out of ground nuts and seeds, using mushrooms, beans, and lentils in place of meat, smoked paprika for a “lardon” or “saucisson” flavor
    • Eating vegan the “French way”: taking your time, buying quality ingredients, structuring the meal in courses


  • What is being vegan in France like?
    • How to eat out and some good vegan restaurants in Paris
    • Where and how to shop
    • How to not miss out on traditional French culture
    • What I eat on any given day
    • Other tips for traveling as a vegan in France


  • More about my work:
    • My cookbook- ‘Vegan French Favorites’
    • Online cooking classes
    • Instagram and You Tube where I show recipes and a plant-based lifestyle in the South of France

Sarala Terpstra taking notes

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Category: French Food & Wine