WW1 Memorial Sites in France, Episode 211

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On today’s episode, Annie reviews seven WW1 memorial sites in France where we remember soldiers from English-speaking countries. Soldiers from many countries fought and died in France during WW1. We remember them today on the occasion of the WW1 Armistice Centennial taking place in France on November 11, 2018.

WW1 Memorials Sites in France

France was deeply scared by WW1 and it's impossible to understand France without a basic understanding of what happened during WW1. Visiting WW1 memorial sites in France is one of the best ways to realize the deep cuts the war brought about. It will also make it possible to bring history to life for you and your children.

“World War I was the most colossal, murderous, mismanaged butchery that has ever taken place on earth. Any writer who said otherwise lied, So the writers either wrote propaganda, shut up, or fought.” Ernest Hemingway

Off the Beaten Track in North-Eastern France

It must be said that the part of France where WW1 memorial sites stand is not generally considered the most "touristy" part of the country. Some people visit France dozens of times and never make it there. That doesn't mean that they are not worthwhile, especially to those who enjoy off the beaten track parts of France and history, of course.

Seven WW1 Memorial Sites in France Dedicated to English-Speaking Soldiers

#1 Pozières

In today's episode, we start with the memorial in Pozières between Arras and Amiens. It is mostly a British cemetery and one of the most popular WW1 memorials in the area.

#2 Viller-Brettonneux

Then we move on Viller-Brettonneux where you'll find the Australian National Memorial.

#3 Fromelles

The only Australian-only war cemetery in France.

#4 Bullecourt

When in Bullecourt you can visit 3 sites:

  • Musée Jean & Denise Letaille
  • Bullecourt Digger
  • Slouch Hat Memorial

# 5 American WW1 Memorials in France

There aren't as many WW1 memorials in France because America didn't send as many troops as other countries.

# 6 Somme American Cemetery

This cemetery is in Bony and is part of the battle of the Somme.

#7 Montfaucon American Monument

This monument is located near Verdun, not in the same area at all as the other ones mentioned here.

Other Memorials You May Consider Visiting

Recommendations from our Facebook followers:

  • Tisha Guy I visited the Canadian memorial at Vimy. It is beautiful.
  • Julie Seiberling I can highly recommend the Flanders Field museum in Ypres.
  • Lorri Papania McCallum I went to the Musee Memorial le Linge in Alsace last year. Sobering! Walking through those trenches is something I won't soon forget!
  • Cathy Paskin Oh my yes!! The Butte de Montsec in Lorraine is absolutely take-your-breath-away beautiful!!
  • Kevin Albrechtsen Went to the Notre-Dame-de-Lorette International Memorial, at Ablain-Saint-Nazaire near Arras. It was tremendously sobering! Over 40,000 graves!
  • Robin Gunter Yes, the Douaumont Ossaury. Something I will never forget.
  • Ron Witzke The memorial in Monpazier
  • Julia M. Gray The Lafayette Escadrille Memorial near Paris. Not very well known but I enjoyed the visit. A young man from my town was in the Escadrille and was killed.
  • In the news: Bealleau Wood American Monument, the memorial President Trump snubbed while visiting France this week "because of the rain" says the press. This memorial is an hour northwest of Paris in the Somme theater.
  • Biggest American WW1 Cemetery in France: Saint-Avold (Moselle, 10,489 graves).


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Discussed in this Episode

  • Pozières
  • Viller-Brettonneux
  • Australian National Memorial
  • Fromelles
  • Bullecourt
  • American WW1 Memorials in France
  • Somme American Cemetery
  • Montfaucon American Monument
  • Spanish Flu
  • Musée Jean & Denise Letaille
  • Bullecourt Digger
  • Slouch Hat Memorial
  • Amiens
  • Lille
  • Arras
  • Verdun
  • Annie talks about things to see in London
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