Strasbourg, France, Episode 18

Category: Alsace and Lorraine

This episode features our frequent and very popular guest Elyse Rivin. If you enjoy her episodes, please consider supporting her on Patreon.

In this episode of the Join Us in France Travel Podcast, Elyse takes us to the gorgeous region of Alsace (where she used to live) and more specifically to the city of Strasbourg.

Annie also has strong feelings about Strasbourg because she just visited. She can't say enough good things about the gorgeous Cathedral, the gastronomy, the wine, and how generally pleasant the city is.

Alsace, a Region Steeped in History

This area is full of history and we give you an overview going all the way back to Charlemagne. We also discuss the fact that control of the area kept going back and forth between France and Germany, and how that makes for an interesting culture.

Strasbourg, France: the Capital of Europe

Today what strikes visitors is that the city is deeply rooted in European values and extremely welcoming. You're going to love it!

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Category: Alsace and Lorraine

3 Replies to “Strasbourg, France, Episode 18”

  1. I’ve been enjoying catching up on all of the episodes. The ladies are very interesting and I’m learning new things about places that I’ve already been. It has given me the itch to go back, so we’re planning on stopping in Paris on the way back from Naples next year. Thanks!

    1. Hello Nancy, and welcome to Join Us in France! We’re delighted to hear you like our podcast and that you want to come back to France 🙂 Enjoy the show and please share it with your friends!

  2. My husband and I are going to Strasbourg next month. I am a Francophile and he likes Germany. I speak French and he speaks German. One of our favorite artists is Gustav Dore (who was from Strasbourg) which is one of the reasons we decided to go there. The museum of Contemporary Art there has a permanent exhibition of Dore’s works. We listened to your podcast and it got us even more excited about our upcoming trip! You and Elyse mention it is worth a day or two, but we are spending a week. Three full days to see the cathedral, take a boat tour, visit numerous museums, visit the wine cave, etc. then three days for day trips–Colmar, the wine route, perhaps Verdun or Domremy la Pucelle, or the Black Forest…so much to see and do! And we are looking forward to the food and wine as well!