Day Trips from Paris: Reims, Episode 13

Day-trips from Paris: Chartres cathedral

Great Day Trips from Paris: Reims and Champagne Country

Are you ready to venture outside of Paris? We are going to tell you about several great day trips from Paris, starting with this one: a visit to the best attractions in Reims and Champagne country.

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Other day trips from Paris you may consider: Versailles, Chartres, Giverny, Chambord, Chenonceau, Cherverny, and Nancy.

To learn more about Champagne, listen to A Brief History of Champagne

Episode Highlights with Time Stamps

  • [4′] Start at Gare de l’Est in Paris, which is a gorgeous Art Nouveau station
  • [9’45”] Reims is famous for: Champagne and its magnificent Gothic Cathedral
  • [12′] Lime stone tunnels
  • [14′] Notre Dame de Reims Catheral
  • [16’15”] The Cathedral where French Kings were crowned
  • [20′] A signed Cathedral
  • [21′] Stained-glass by Chagal
  • [22′] The center of Champagne production
    • Veuve Clicquot
    • Mumm
    • Taittinger
    • Martel
    • [23’20”] How you can visit Champagne houses
  • [28’45”] Champagne retailers
  • [32′] Reims is an Art Deco city
  • [33’45”] How you can also visit Epernay
  • [36’20] Champagne route for those who have a car
  • [39′] Don’t put champagne in your suitcase, drink it in France!
  • [43’45] Champagne at every price point
  • [50’30”] Listener feedback

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14 thoughts on “Day Trips from Paris: Reims, Episode 13”

  1. I love your podcast! I listen everyday when I walk. My husband and I are going to France for a month in September. The two of you are making the anticipation of our trip a real treat. I “liked” you on Facebook just now and I wrote about you on the tripadvisor France forum. Keep doing what you do. Very entertaining and educational!

    1. Bonjour and welcome to Join Us in France! I am glad you are finding the podcast enjoyable and helpful, and thank you for sharing it wherever it makes sense. Have a wonderful time in France in September, that’s one of the best times to come as the weather is still great and many tourists have gone home. May I ask you how you found the podcast?

  2. Bonjour Annie & Elyse! You asked about a phone app for your programs. I use an iPhone and there already is a Podcast app available at the App store that I use where I can access all your podcasts. It makes it very simple to connect to the most recent additions (I usually listen when I am on the treadmill!) I don’t know about Android or other phones, though.

    I’m trying to spread the word as well thru trip advisor, cruise critic, Facebook and twitter. Love listening to your podcasts!!

  3. I would like to have an iPhone app.

    I listen on my iPhone or on my computer. I don’t use a podcast streamer, but save the files or the email notices. I would also like a text copy of the programs so I can listen without taking notes… Thanks for all the good information and your entertaining and informative presentations.

    Where can I find the information about the trips you offer. Can’t find the episode with the information. Gratefully. Emily

    1. Hello Emily, and thank you for your feedback on the iPhone App. You can find detailed show notes for most episodes. For instance, the one about Reims and Epernay is episode 13, so you’d go to and voilà! show notes and pictures. Thank you also for the reminder about tours. Elyse has been so busy, she hasn’t had the time to plan next year. We’ll get back to you soon on that. Happy vacation planning!

  4. Hi Annie,
    Are there show notes for episode 13? No matter which combination I try it always says Page not Found or similar. I am able to access most other episode’s notes.
    Love the show,

      1. Well, Annie, now I can access ep 13, but I still don’t see any show notes…only the introduction and listeners’ posts. Did you post any for this episode?

          1. Hi Annie,

            I think I’m missing where to look for the show notes. I see the episode highlights with time time stamp but that’s it. Are there show notes for episode 13 still?

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