How do podcasts work?

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What’s a Podcast? How do I listen?

At Join Us in France we produce and publish podcasts. Podcast is  another word for “audio on demand”.

  • Apple devices already come with a Podcast App by default (purple icon).
  • Android phones do not come with a default podcast app, you have to install one from the Google Play Store.
  • There are dozens of Podcast Apps you can choose from on either Apple or Android, but they all have different features.

Short video on how to listen to podcasts on your iPhone or iPad

How to listen to podcasts on Android

Why You Should Subscribe to Podcasts

If you don’t subscribe to the podcasts you like you’ll never hear that podcast again unless you remember the exact name and search for it. I can’t remember the names of my own family members sometimes, so it’s a lot safer for me to subscribe to the podcasts I enjoy.

After you’re subscribed you can also pick and choose past episodes of a particular podcast you want to listen to. If not subscribed you  can only see the newest episode and you won’t be able to search for other episodes.

Podcast Apps I Recommend

There are hundreds of Podcast Apps in the App Store and Google Play Store. Different Apps are good at different things, so it’s a matter of choosing what works for you. These are the two I recommend:

The default Podcast App that comes with your iphone:

iphone app logo

CastBox (You can get it on either iPhone or Android and it’s free).

CastBox Podcast App Logo

I recommend them because they are the only ones who can do these 3 things:

  1. Search capability so I can search for episodes having to do with Paris anywhere they happen to be (Join Us in France or other Podcasts).
  2. I want the links to work in the podcast app, so I can take action right there and then if I want to.
  3. The App needs to displays accented characters for French because, hey, those accents are there for a reason!

So, there you have it, podcasts are getting more popular and better in quality every day. If you know someone who hasn’t tried podcasts yet but would probably enjoy them, share this information with them!

One thought on “How do podcasts work?”

  1. Just heard my first podcast about Arles in Provence. I thought it was pretty good. I am especially interested because my wife an I are moving to Haute Savoie in October, probably in Veigy Foncenex and your podcasts will help us familiarize ourselves with the whole country.
    So I am very excited to continue listening as well moving to France later in the year.

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