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Montmartre in Paris, Episode 134

Montmartre, Paris Podcast

Overview of Montmartre as seen from the Eiffel Tower
Montmartre from the Eiffel Tower. Photo Antonis Lamnatos.

In today’s episode Elyse and Annie look at what makes Montmartre so special and so popular. Why do tourists go there in such great numbers? What do French people think about it? Is Montmartre genuine Paris, or is it just a tourist trap?

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Montmartre Restaurants we like: A la mère Catherine on place du Tertre. or one Annie enjoyed very much, Le Potager du Père Thierry (16 rue des Trois Frères), it is very small, reserve the day before!

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Episode Highlights

  • Where is Montmartre?
  • How to Get to Montmatre
  • Montmartre as a Neighborhood
  • Montmatre, a Brief History
    • Origins of the Name Montmartre
    • Martyrs at Montmartre
    • Saint-Denis at Montmartre
  • Montmartre the Village
  • Vineyard in Montmartre
  • Montmartre during the French Revolution
  • How Did Montmartre Become a Place for Artists?
  • Le Mur des je t’aime or Wall of Love
  • Le Passe Muraille on Place Aymé

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Episode 39 Montparnasse, the Catacombs, and French Cemeteries

Montparnasse, the Catocombs, and French Cemeteries

Paris as seen from the Tour Montparnasse
Paris as seen from the Tour Montparnasse. Photo Benh LIEU SONG.

Today we are going to talk about the area of Paris called Montparnasse. Montparnasse is “younger” than most of Paris, a nice place to stay not too far from the city center on a smaller budget, and a major transportation hub. As we are releasing this episode close to Halloween, we also talk about two places in the Montparnasse area that are creepy: the Montparnasse Cemetery and the Catacombs. Both are well-worth a visit, and we explain why in this episode. Enjoy!

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