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Moving to France, Episode 131

Moving to France on a Talent and Abilities Visa

Moving to France Mike and husband

Annie and guest Mike August discuss their experiences moving to France and some of the complexities involved in that endeavor. We’re not immigration lawyers or relocation specialists, we’re just two people who went through the experience and want to discuss some of the gotchas you may encounter in your own road towards a move to France.

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Episode Highlights

  • Here are some things you need to consider if you’re thinking about moving to France
    • Is your French good enough?
    • You will need mountains of paperwork
    • Hurdles even if your French is great
  • Types of Visas You Can Apply for to Move to France
    • Long-stay tourist visa
    • Student visa
    • Work visa
    • Talents and abilities visa
  • France Has a High Unemployment Rate
    • CDI work contract
    • CDD work contract
    • Retirees
  • Work Culture in France
  • Work-Life Balance in France
  • Health Insurance in France
  • Health Care Is Inexpensive in France
  • Advice on the Logistics of Moving to France
  • Bringing Pets to France
  • Conclusion

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