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Many thanks to Gavin for putting this together for us. Click on any location to see which episode talked about it, or click on the list button (listbutton) to see the location names for each episode. Click here for a bigger version of the map.

9 thoughts on “Episode Map”

  1. To all the listeners,

    Let me know if I got a place wrong or missed something important. I’ll be glad to change it or add as needed.


    1. Thanks Gavin so much!!!We care planning a trip for next September through the greater Southwest part of France and it was fun and informative seeing many of the places we will visit on your map, including Canal Midi, Albi, Carcassone and Toulouse., all of which we got to hear about on the podcast.
      Now if you wonderful ladies would only do a show or two about the Dordogne and Lot regions this year !!
      Thanks for the great job Annie and Elyse.
      I really enjoyed your latest show about St. Emilion, which we visited years ago, but will be visiting again next year as our starting off point ( Bordeaux) for our 3 week trip through the Southwest. Keep up the great work!!

  2. Merci Galvin and Annie for this great reference map with color coded markers to the episodes (pastry shops too) on a map!!!! I like the special coloring for the regions you made on the map. I’ve listened to each episode many times but I forgot all the details. I want to go to the Loire Valley and the champagne area again next year and now I can just click on those markers to re-listen and to re-read the info I need and to give that info to my travel companions too!! Thanks again.

  3. All of the podcast the two of you have her are so wonderful and invaluable to me! I’m going back to Paris after a 24 year absences and all your talks are very needed. I’m going for 2 weeks in Oct. 2015; the first with a couple friends and the second week I’m solo to muse and get inspired to help do some writing in spots like Shakespeare and Co., the cafes, and all the spots around there .

  4. I don’t see a map when I look at this page in any browser for Mac. When I click on the “Click here for a bigger version of the map.” I am asked to sign in to Google. After I do, it says:
    “We are sorry, but you do not have access to this service. Please contact your domain administrator for access.”
    Sounds like an interesting feature, but I wish it actually worked.

  5. Bonjour Elise and Annie! I love your travel podcast. I’m going to France for my first time in May and spending some time down in Nice. Could you do an episode about Nice culture, food, beaches and attractions? Merci!

  6. Bonjour Annie and Elysse.
    My hysband and i stayed at the palais Royale in an apartment for a month. Can you do an episode on this beautiful place and surrounding spots. Thank tou

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