Go-to Sites About France, Best Links from All Episodes

Go-to Sites About France & Best Links from All Episodes

This is a list of Annie’s go-to sites about France curated from all episodes. When are school vacations in France? How do you get a taxi if you don’t speak French? How about a pharmacy open on a Sunday? How do you find a laundrymat in Paris? These useful France links will help you find the information you want faster.

How do you book a wheelchair accessible van in France?

Try this service! Please note that Join Us in France has no relationship with this company, this is not an ad or a personal recommendation. They just seem to offer a useful service so we’re passing it on.

How to book a taxi in Paris if you’d rather not talk on the phone?

Not brave enough to speak French on the phone? Try this service! Please note that Join Us in France has no relationship with this company, this is not an ad or a personal recommendation. But since we often use taxis while traveling, it seemed like a good one to add to Annie’s go-to sites about France.

How do you find a pharmacy that is open on a Sunday in France?

This is certainly Annie’s most-used go-to site about France because we always seem to need something from the pharmacy on a Sunday! Check out this site. It’s easy to find a pharmacy during business hours in France, we have so many! What about at night or on the weekend? Here is how you find a “pharmacie de garde” or “pharmacie de nuit”.

Are you looking for kid-friendly activities in France?

Check out Familiscope.fr. The site is in French, but will let you select the area you’re interested in, the age of the children, the type of activity, and the ratings are helpful too.

What do I need to know about driving in France?

Check out the France Driving Forecast. When French kids are on school vacation, you may run into hours of traffic jams just because you didn’t leave at the most auspicious time. Esteemed visitor, heed this advice or stew in your car!

When are school vacations in France?

We often mention on various episodes that things are going to be closed or open during French school vacations. We also stress that some places are more crowded during French school vacations. Here’s where you find out when school vacations are: French School Vacation Calendar

How do I book train tickets in France?

The official SNCF site in English has a lot of the information you are looking for. You should book in advance if you can because the trains do fill up and prices go up as demand increases.

Quick trip to London while staying in Paris?

You can get on the Eurostar for a quick trip between Paris and London, and it can be really inexpensive with Eurostar Snap. Go get your heavily discounted tickets!

How do you find a laundromat in Paris or anywhere else in France?

This site lists most laundromats in Paris and the search can be extended to the rest of France too, by region and large cities.

How Long Will You Wait at the Museum?

This website tracks wait times and best times to visit, not just in general, but also by museum. It’s all in French, but it’s easy to figure out what they’re trying to say!

How to Get Last Minute Tickets at the Paris Opera

Buy or sell opera and ballet tickets for shows that are sold out at the regular box office. They offer tickets from both the Opéra Garnier and the Opéra Bastille in Paris.

Don’t Wait In Line to Go Up Notre Dame Towers

The official Notre Dame Site explains how in English. You can use an App (the App will activate once you are within a few kilometers of  Notre Dame) or via SMS or by printing a paper ticket on site.


This list of Annie’s go-to sites about France will grow and be kept updated, bookmark and check back soon!

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