Click on the 👍 next to every statement below that you agree with to see how you stack up as a Francophile.

1👍Do you feel the urge to buy things with the Eiffel Tower, Fleur de Lys or sayings in French on them?
2👍Is French your second language but your first love?
3👍Have you ever thought someone leaping off the Eiffel Tower with a golf umbrella in their hand makes for a good movie scene?
4👍Do you make crêpes at home and do you have a special pan for it?
5👍Do you think one of the most important choices you'll ever make in your life is between Bordeaux vs Burgundy wine?
6👍Do you think everybody should know that Brittany is really not all about rain and moldy bathrooms?
7👍When you don't know what to make for dinner, do you think a baguette and some stinky cheese will do it?
8👍Do you keep a set of Laguiole knives just in case you missed someone's birthday?
9👍Do you think everyone should do a year of study abroad in France?
10👍Do you dip your fries in mayonnaise or Dijon mustard instead of ketchup?
11👍Do you know the proper way to cut cheese and give fellow Americans who don't know a death stare?
12👍Do you eat escargots, frog legs, cow tongue and tripes for breakfast?
13👍Do you correct your family when they pronounce words like croissant, crêpe and trompe l'œil incorrectly?
14👍Have you tried to make macarons at home? Do you heave when someone calls them macaroons?
15👍Do you own a madeleine mold and are you evangelizing about the indubitable fact that madeleines are far superior to macarons?
16👍Do you own enough books in French or books set in France?
17👍Have you ever attempted to read any unabridged Victor Hugo novel?
18👍Have you watched Les Choristes and Amélie Poulain? How about Au revoir les enfants?
19👍Do you own a French flag and do you ever fly it?
20👍Can you sing La Marseillaise on command?
21👍Do you like to decorate your home with things that are in the shape of the Eiffel Tower?
22👍Is there a block of savon de Marseille soap in your bathroom right now?
23👍Do you have to stop in at the L’Occitane in Provence store every time you go to the airport?
24👍Do you own a shirt with a fleur-de-lis pattern on it?
25👍Do you own a c'est la vie coffee mug? How about a Join Us in France wall clock?
26👍Do you own at least one marinière and how often do you wear it?
27👍Do you own at least 30 scarves and know at least 5 different ways to style them? What about a béret?
28👍Can you name your first French teacher? Did you have a crush on him/her?
29👍Have you ever attended a meeting of Alliance Française?
30👍Do you know when Bastille day is and why it’s called that? And do you celebrate it even when you’re not in France?
31👍Do you get mad when you hear someone go on about how French people are so rude BECAUSE everyone knows it’s just the Parisians?
32👍You hate Emily in Paris but there again, you love Emily in Paris.
33👍Do you stare at people who talk too loud not just because they are wearing obnoxious colors but also BECAUSE they are talking too loud?
34👍Have you ever named a pet Jean-François, Anne-Marie or Pierre?
35👍Do you kiss people on the cheeks the first time you meet them at a party?
36👍Do you insert French words into daily conversation assuming everyone knows them?
37👍Do you spend a lot of time wondering if you should vacation in Brittany or on the Côte d’Azur? Why do you ask such silly questions? Are you a frog underneath your stylish clothes?
38👍Do you have an opinion about whether Le Mont Saint-Michel is in Normandy or Britany?
39👍Do you have a strong opinion in the “chocolatine” versus “pain au chocolat” debate?
40👍Do you not allow any low-fat foods in your fridge?
41👍Do you consider two weeks of vacation per year a crime against humanity?
42👍Do you consider eating anything out of season to be as misdemeanor or a felony?
43👍Do you talk in opposites? For example, does “It’s not cold today” actually mean it’s colder than cold or does “terrible” mean “awesome”?
44👍Do you have an opinion about the BEST Roquefort cheese?
45👍Do you serve salad AFTER the main course?
46👍Do you know which one of these cities is NOT in France? Grenoble, Bonifacio, La Haye or Annecy?
47👍Are you glad Gérard Depardieu moved to Russia?
48👍Do you know the difference between Monet and Manet?
49👍Do you know which of these countries does NOT border France? Belgium, Germany, Italy or Austria?
50👍Can you name the three colors of the French flag in order and what they stand for?
51👍Do you keep a good stock of Herbes de Provence in your kitchen at all times?
52👍Did you binge Lupin and Call My Agent?
53👍Do you believe that stepping in dog poop brings good luck?
54👍Do you panic if someone sets a baguette down upside down?
55👍Is visiting le Parc Monceau and le Parc Bagatelle (or replace with parks you’ve talked about on the podcast) on you bucket list?
56👍Have you ever taken a three-hour lunch?
57👍Do you argue with people who say French people are rude?
58👍Do you look for French memes on social media?

Level 0: Petit Joueur

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