Planning the Perfect Multi-Family French Vacation, Episode 472

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In this episode of the podcast, Annie Sargent and Jennifer Hanniman discuss the ins and outs of planning the perfect multi-family French vacation.

Their group included eight adults and four children and their trip took place in July 2023. They visited WW1 and WW2 sites in northern France and had a wonderful time in Provence. They also spent some time in the Champagne area and Paris.

Planning the Perfect Multi-Family French Vacation

Transportation was key. For the northern France part of the trip they opted for a Renault Traffic van, fitting nine people comfortably and handling their luggage effectively. In Provence they chose to let each family get their own car which gave them more flexibility.

Group dynamics were crucial. Daily schedules varied, balancing leisurely lunches and quick sightseeing meals. Having someone experienced in the area helped in decision-making about visit durations and locations.

Accommodation choices leaned towards AccorHotels for their predictability and amenities, a practical choice for large groups over boutique hotels.

For historical site visits with children, focusing on individual soldier stories made the experience more engaging.

An eSIM with Orange proved effective for communication and navigation. Itinerary management apps like TripIt and Wanderlog were highlighted for their usefulness in group coordination.

Visiting WW1 Sites Around Lille

For WW1 sites, they chose Lille as their base. That ended up being a great choice because Lille has a vibrant atmosphere and is very close to most World War I sites. Lille's range of hotels and restaurants suited their diverse needs well.

Deauville and WW2 Sites

They shifted to Deauville for World War II locations. They chose Deauville over Bayeux for its seaside setting. Here, Normandie Excursions provided convenient historical site tours.


In Provence, the group's experience was marked by flexibility, aided by each family having their own car.

In Arles, they delved into the city's Roman heritage and Van Gogh's legacy, visiting ancient ruins and the Van Gogh Museum.  Les Baux de Provence offered a picturesque medieval setting with castle ruins and the unique Carrières de Lumières art installations.

A highlight was a private wine tour in Châteauneuf-du-Pape, where they enjoyed renowned local wines and learned about the region's winemaking traditions.

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