Introduction to the Join Us in France Travel Podcast, Episode 1



In this introduction to the Join Us in France Travel Podcast Elyse and Annie introduce themselves and explain what you can expect from this  podcast. Annie, French born and raised who lived in America for 18 years and came home to rediscover her own country. And Elyse, the professional tour guide, who was born in New York and has lived in France for 30 years.

For the Love of the More Informed Visitor

Here's the bottom line: we want to make a better tourist out of you! Why? So you'll have a better time and make better decisions.

Every week we'll bring you topics having to do with France and/or specific places you can enjoy in France. We'll talk about cheese, wine, French food in general, French history, places you've never heard of and places you've heard of all your life.

Elyse Is a Professional Licensed Tour Guide

Being a licensed tour guide in France is not an easy thing. I remember when she was preparing for the exam, she was cramming for the exam and sweating bullets. But that's not what makes Elyse a wonderful tour guide.

What makes her great is that she has a knack for presenting relevant information and leaving out the things that don't matter as much. I wish more tour guides in France had that talent. Most of them must be paid by the word because they can never let you enjoy anything without talking over it!

Interviews with People Like You

We also interview people like you who tell us about their visit to France and share recommendations. They are in the best position to tell you what went well, what they wish they knew before they came, and what they would do differently.

You know how you can never fully trust reviews because they can be gamed? You can trust our reviews because you can hear these people. These are not travel professionals with something to sell but rather visitors like you who have lots to share.

Pull Up a Chair and Stick Around!

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Talk Back by Leaving a Voice Mail

Is there a hotel or restaurant you enjoyed so much in France that you'd like everyone to know about it? Leave a voice message on 1-801-806-1015, we'll play it on the podcast for everyone to hear.

Enjoy France with Annie and Elyse!

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Diane Washek
Diane Washek

I love the dynamic between the two of you! I have had the opportunity to participate in many of Elyse’s guided tours and they are so informative , fun and full of details one wouldn’t find in a guidebook. Until I return to France, I will live vicariously through these podcasts! Thanks for offering this!

Allyson Hyland
Allyson Hyland

I am a new subscriber. Thank your this beautiful website and for your informative, fun podcasts! This past fall, I traveled to Marseilles for a wonderful but all-too-brief visit. I maximized my time by going to 2 museums, 1 café, riding the Metro, and walking through the city streets. Your advice is wonderful: Don’t just “do” the Louvre [any French museum], experience it. I can’t wait to return to France and explore other parts of the country, and appreciate the opportunity to not only learn more about it, but as Diane said, live vicariously through this lovely site. As an… Read more »


Hello Ladies! I don’t even know how I found this podcast. I am researching daily for a trip with my husband Bill to France in September 2014. I listen to podcasts when I walk and this one is just awesome! You are engaging and fun to listen to and I have forwarded your info to my best friend and her husband and my sister and brother-in-law who also will visit Paris yet this year. I have just listened to the one on the Cluny (listening in order) and I am putting it on my “must see” list! Luckily we have… Read more »


Hi Annie and Elyse I love your blog, I looked it up after listening to your episode on Amateur Traveler which I listen to every week. I love France, I visited there in 3 times, once to Paris and the other times to other regions and loved to travel there. I hope to go back. I usually listen to podcasts while I cook or do my walks, so the fact that they are long is great. Can I suggest something? not sure if you would like the idea, but for me, I would love it if you also did some… Read more »


What is the process of moving to France? Does it require permission? When people say they moved to France they make it sound easy by skipping the details of the process……
Are foreigners welcome in France?
This may make a good podcast.