Grand Prix de Monaco Trip Report, Episode 460

Jessica and her husband at the Grand Prix de Monaco

Explore the Grand Prix de Monaco in this episode. Get top tips on ticket selection and navigating Monaco for the ultimate race experience.

Jean Moulin, Standing Up to Tyranny, Episode 459

Jean Moulin wearing a scarf around his neck and a fedora hat

Explore the life of Jean Moulin, WWII hero and beacon of hope during France's darkest hours. Discover his indomitable spirit, political journey, and the legacy that still resonates today.

Adventures at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Episode 458

Christopher at the 24 Hours of Le Mans

What is it like attending the 24 Hours of Le Mans? Christopher shares his tips and experiences on this episode of the podcast!

Jews in France: Trials, Triumphs, and Transformations, Episode 457

Hebrew writing and menorah: Jews in France episode

Discover the rich history of Jews in France, from Roman times to today. Uncover their struggles, triumphs, and influence on French culture.

Surviving Paris for Newbies, Episode 456

Erin Tridlen and her fiancé: Surviving Paris for Newbies episode

Surviving Paris for Newbies offers essential tips for navigating French culture and customs for people visiting France for the first time.

France for Bookworms, Episode 455

Photo of French books: Paris for Bookworms episode

France for Bookworms: Explore legendary bookstores, vibrant festivals, quaint book villages, and uncover France's enduring love for books!

Adventures of a Solo Woman in Marseille, Episode 454

Eva Jorgensen in Marseille: solo woman in Marseilleepisode

Discover Marseille with a Eva Jorgensen, solo woman traveler. Explore scenic neighborhoods, eateries, and the city's Mediterranean charm.

Why Life in France Is Awful, Episode 453

Person holding a sign with a frowny face on it: Why Life in France is Awful episode

Thinking about living or traveling in France? Dive into our latest episode where we unravel everything you need to know! Tune in and explore the real France with us!

Canadian WW2 Normandy Sites, Episode 452

Terri and Paul by a Canadian WW2 Normandy Sites

In this episode we explore Canadian WW2 Normandy sites with a trip report that includes a 3.5-day journey through must-see Canadian sites.

Why Life in France Is Wonderful, Episode 451

Woman and girl sitting on a park bench and conversing happily: Why life in France is wonderful episode

Discover why life in France is wonderful in this insightful episode. Explore diverse topics like French cuisine, healthcare, landscapes, work-life balance, and art scene. A must-listen for anyone captivated by the charm of France.