French Professor Visits France, Episode 409

Brooke and family: French Professor Visits France episodeWhen a French professor visits France, where does she go? Answer: everywhere! Even places you wouldn't think about! And how do you improve your French? You follow her 8 rules and keep at it!

Standing Stones around Carnac in Brittany, Episode 408

Alignment of stones at CarnacHave you visited the standing stones around Carnac? This bucolic part of Brittany is full of mystery and fantastic for slow travel. Families will love the beach, the walks, bike rides and the mysterious stones, of course!

An Accidental Francophile Moves to Paris, Episode 407

Jennifer Gruenke: An accidental Francophile moves to Paris EpisodeHow to move to Paris without being a millionaire: save up, make a plan to live frugally, learn about the companies that can help you make it happen, pack two suitcases and off you go!

Everyday Life in France, Episode 406

Pastry shop in Paris: Everyday life in France episode

France with a Baby, Episode 405

Are you itching to come to France but you just had a baby? Perhaps you can come to France with a baby! You'll hear how in this episode of the podcast.

Introduction to Victor Hugo, Episode 404

Portrait of Victor Hugo: an Introduction to Victor Hugo episodeHow much do you know about Victor Hugo other than he wrote Les Mis? In this episode you'll get to know this fascinating French author better. And who knows? You might even be inspired to read some of his work!

A Visit to Narbonne and the Mediterranean Coast, Episode 403

Jennifer in front of a canal and boats: Narbonne and the Meditarranean Coast EpisodeThere is so much to love about Narbonne and other cities nearby! Let's talk about them because this is the least touristy part of the French Mediterranean coast and it's wonderful!

The Napoleon Route, a Scenic Drive in France, Episode 402

The village of Moustier Sainte MarieDo you love Provence? Let's talk about the Napoleon Route because it is full of charm and not as touristy as the rest of Provence! #joinusinfrance #travel #podcast #france

Toulouse to Marseille by Train, Episode 401

Kelly Young and her family: Toulouse to Marseille on the train episodeThinking about going Toulouse to Marseille on the train? Listen to the episode with Kelly Young and soak in all her great tips, one of them vital actually!

L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, Episode 400

L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue view from one of the bridgesAre you thinking of visiting L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue and Fontaine de Vaucluse? Listen to this episode to understand what it'll be like!