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Best Covered Passages in Paris, Episode 29

 Best covered passages in Paris, shopping

Best Covered Passages in Paris

This week we look at the Best Covered Passages in Paris (we call them “galeries” in French) and why return visitors to the City of Light should definitely consider visiting the some. There are lots of them, but we have our favorites, which is why we are concentrating on the best covered passages in Paris.

Elyse explains how they came to be historically, why she likes them so much, and suggests a few you may want to concentrate on because they offer particularly wonderful architecture or ambiance.

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Episode Highlights

    • What are the Covered Passages?
    • Where are the best covered passages in Paris?
    • How French Kings and Noblemen created the Galleries
    • The Galleries were the original shopping malls
    • The Best Passages in Paris:
      • Passage Panorama (Near Galeries Lafayette and Printemps, 1799)
      • Passage Jouffroy (1847)
      • Passage Verdeau (think “verre d’eau!”, 1847)
      • Galerie Vivienne (Palais Royal area)
      • Galerie Véro-Daudat
      • Passage Brady (ehtnic foods from Pakistan and India)
      • Galerie Colbert near the Bibliothèque Nationale
      • Passage du Grand Cerf between rue Saint-Denis and place de la République
      • Passage des Princes
      • Passage de Choiseul (1825, had theaters and cabarets)

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Le Marais Neighborhood in Paris, Episode 27

Le Marais Place des Vosges
Photo AINo

Le Marais Neighborhood in Paris

Today on episode 27 of Join Us in France we explore Le Marais neighborhood in Paris. Yes, it used to be a swamp, but be assured it hasn’t been one for many centuries! The Marais is one of the oldest, most charming neighborhoods of Paris, full of windy streets, wonderful restaurants, antique shops, small museums, and Elyse can’t get enough of it.

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Episode Highlights

  • Historical Backgroud of Le Marais neighborhood in Paris
  • Knights Templars
  • Later developments with Henry IV
  • Place des Vosges
  • Village Saint-Paul
  • There are many museums in Le Marais
  • Jewish Museum in Le Marais
  • Brunch is the new trend in France
  • Le Marais as a gay neighborhood
  • The feel of Paris
  • More Must-See in Le Marais
    • Place des Vosges
    • Hôtel de Sully
    • Musée Carnavalet (at least peek in the courtyard)
  • Picasso Museum
  • Cognacq-Jay (free)
  • Hôtel de Soubise
  • Victor-Hugo apartment (free)
  • Maison Européenne de la Photographie
  • Musée de la chasse et de la nature
  • Musée de la poupée (dolls)
  • Elyse’s tour in the Marais

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Extra: Elyse and Annie on the Amateur Traveler Show

Elyse and Annie on the Amateur Traveler Show

Amateur Traveler Episode 428 – Travel to Paris, France

A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure to be interviewed by Chris Christensen of the Amateur Traveler Podcast. Chris has been producing travel podcasts for many years, so we were tickled when he invited us to come on his show and give us a chance to talk to his wide audience. The Amateur Traveler Show is about travel in general, taking us on adventures all over the world. So did Chris have a lot to say about Paris? Absolutely! He asked very astute questions that don’t normally come up on our regular episodes, so we recommend give it a listen.

You can listen to this extra episode right here or by searching for Amateur Traveler episode 428 with your podcatcher. Enjoy!
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