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Voltaire the Freethinker, Episode 84

Voltaire the freethinker seeking freedom in France

Voltaire the Freethinker

When Voltaire the Freethinker died on May 30th 1778 in Paris at age 83, he was at the height of his popularity with most people, yet the Catholic Church denied him a proper burial. By 1778 he had produced work of every genre: plays, poems, essays, satire, novels, history, and even scientific observations. He was prolific, more than 20,000 letters as well as 2,000 books and pamphlets are credited to him.

Voltaire the Freethinker was popular with the people, so 3 years after his death, after the French Revolution too, his body is moved to the Pantheon where his epitaph reads: “Il combattit les athées et les fanatiques. Il inspira la tolérance, il réclama les droits de l’homme contre la servitude de la féodalité. Poète, historien, philosophe, il agrandit l’esprit humain, et lui apprit à être libre.”

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  • French Tip of the Week: Je suis une pipelette = I am a chatterbox.
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  • Places Mentioned on the Show: Cirey-sur-Blaise

Episode Highlights

  • Voltaire the freethinker was Born François-Marie Arouet in Paris on November 21, 1694
  • Voltaire was educated at a High School that still exists today: Louis-le-Grand
  • He joins the “Société du Temple” which espouses freethinking and libertine ideals
  • His mother was progressive but his father was very conservative
  • Imprisonments at the Bastille
  • Voltaire, a prolific author
  • Exile to England, major works
  • Calling for social reform
  • Working against a corrupt Judicial system
  • Censorship in France
  • Voltaire didn’t get rich from books
  • Cirey-sur-Blaise
  • Voltaire’s popularity
  • Summary of the Jean Calas scandal in Toulouse
  • The Lisbon earthquake and how it affected Voltaire

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Christmas Markets in France, Episode 45

Christmas Markets in FranceChristmas Markets in France

Today we are going to talk about a very popular seasonal event, something that has become common all over the country, the fabulous Christmas markets in various places in France. Joyeux Noël everybody!
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Episode 18 Strasbourg

StrasbourgStrasbourg the Beautiful

In this episode of the Join Us in France Travel Podcast, Elyse takes us to the gorgeous region of Alsace (where she used to live) and more specifically to the city of Strasbourg.

Annie also has strong feelings about Strasbourg because she just visited. She can’t say enough good things about the gorgeous Cathedral, the gastronomy, the wine, and how generally pleasant the city is. This area is full of history and we give you an overview going all the way back to Charlemagne. We also discuss the fact that control of the area kept going back and forth between France and Germany, and how that makes for an interesting culture.

Today what strikes visitors is that the city is deeply rooted in European values and extremely welcoming. You’re going to love it!

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