Bootcamp 2023

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Dates of the Bootcamp

May 21 until May 27, 2023 included. Plan on arriving on May 20th and leave on May 28th.

Classes will take place Monday, May 22 until Friday, May 26. Classes are 9 AM until 1 PM.

Visits with Annie and Elyse during the Bootcamp

Visits with Annie and Elyse start on Sun, May 21 and end on Sat, May 27 and we’ll do a different visit every afternoon. We will get around with a mix of walking, metro, regional train, and we’ll arrange a private bus if necessary. We think using public transportation is a better experience for a bootcamp because it’ll help you for later visits to France, so we’ll use the train as much as possible.

Our visit may include:

  1. Toulouse (2 days)
  2. Carcassonne
  3. Albi
  4. Gaillac (including a wine tasting)
  5. Foix

I say “may include” because we reserve the right to find even better places to take you to between Sept 2022 and May 2023. The number of people who sign up will also influence where we can go. We suggest you arrive in Toulouse on Sat, May 20 and leave on Sun, May 28 so you’re not too rushed.

I will also arrange a Paris tour and train to Toulouse for those of you who can arrive in Paris on Thu, May 18 and want to travel to Toulouse as a group. This will be sold separately, let me know if you’re interested.

To reserve your spot, do the following ASAP

Again, we will close the registration once we have 40 attendees.

      1. Fill out the LangueOnze Application form specific to our group. Email the form to , and CC Use “Join us in France Bootcamp” in the subject line.
      2. Reserve your spot with LangueOnze by making a 200€ payment (payment methods are explained in the link above). Please note that this payment is in euros.
      3. Reserve your spot for the afternoon activities by making a nonrefundable $200 down-payment here. If paying through PayPal make sure to send the payment from your regular email address so I can match the payment with the right person.

Price of the Bootcamp

The total cost for the afternoon activities is $500. What does that include?

  1. Train or bus transportation to our afternoon visits.
  2. The welcome dinner on Sun, May 21
  3. The farewell dinner on Sat, May 27.

The total cost for the language school is 290 € for the classes. LangueOnze  can also arrange accommodations for an extra cost. Details of accommodations are spelled out in the LangueOnze application form above. City buses are not included, but you can order a weekly pass through Langue Onze and Annie will deliver it to you at our welcome dinner.

FAQ for the Bootcamp

Why is the down payment non-refundable? Because space is limited. We can’t hold spots for people who aren’t sure. It’s possible even the most enthusiastic people will need to change their plan. If they can’t come, I hope they’ll consider this down payment as a donation to the podcast and call it good. You’ll pay the $300 balance for the activities a month before the event.

Can I book any accommodation I would like in Toulouse? Yes. LangueOnze can help you find accommodations for the week. If you’d rather stay at a hotel, here are the hotels we use and recommend in Toulouse: Grand Hotel de l’Opéra, Ibis Styles Capitole, Hotel Grand Balcons.

Will I need to make all of my own travel arrangements? Yes, you will need to arrange your flight and taxi to and from the airport. Annie will arrange train transportation to the places we will visit. Within Toulouse you’ll mostly use the metro and LangueOnze can sell you a weekly pass.

Will I need better than beginning French skills? Total beginners are welcome, but may have to pay a little bit extra if there isn’t at least a group of 5 total beginners. Folks with great French are also welcome because there’s always something you can improve. Take the Linguistic Test here and return it to LangueOnze.

Can I stay with a host family? Yes, LangueOnze can arrange that, see their registration form at the top of this page.

How many hours of class per day? There are 4 hours of class Mon-Fri.

Is it possible for a companion to join me and only do the afternoon visits with Annie and Elyse? A companion can come without taking classes, but this is a France Bootcamp, we want as many attendees learning French as possible!

Depending on definition, I could be medium or advanced. Correct, please take the Linguisic Test here and return it to LangueOnze. They will put you in the correct group for optimum improvement.

Are there golf courses in the area😊? Yes, but this is a France Bootcamp, not a golf vacation. If you’d like to go golfing one day, you’ll need to make all your own arrangements.

Is this online or in person? Definitely in person!

Difficulty of the class and will we be graded? I called this group “Bootcamp” because I really want you to practice your French as much as possible. But you will not be graded.

I want to be able to successfully order a great meal in a French restaurant. Yes, that’s the idea! Encourage you in a situation where you know Annie and Elyse can help if needed.

What is the best travel option to get from Paris arrival from USA to Toulouse? I will arrange a Paris arrival tour and train to Toulouse for those of you who want to arrive a day or two early. More on that later.


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