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Southwest of France with Children Trip Report, Episode 114

Southwest of France with Children

Southwest of France Jennifer Ditchburn

Jennifer Ditchburn visited the southwest of France with her husband and children in June 2016 and she comes on the show today to share some of the highlights of their experience. Jennifer is the Editor in Chief of a magazine called Policy Options in Canada, she speaks beautiful French and has visited France on several occasions. But, this is her first time in France with her children, so they selected child-friendly activities. Because we recorded this episode the day the results of the Brexit were announced and because Jennifer is a political junkie, we discuss this news event at the beginning of the show as well.

Hotels Recommended in this Episode

People often ask me to recommend a hotel in Toulouse, and it’s hard for me to answer because in Toulouse I sleep in my own bed! I recommended the  Novotel Compans Caffarelli to Jennifer and her family because it’s close to everything at a reasonable price and has a good reputation. Jennifer and family liked it very much. I would also recommend you look at the Mercure Compans Caffarelli because that’s where Airbus sends a lot of business visitors and they all seem happy with it.


Places Mentioned in this Episode

Montpellier, Plage de l’Espiguette, Arriège, Foix, Sète, Toulouse, Niaux, Paris.

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Two Dads and a Child in Paris, Episode 111

Two dads and a child in Paris. Left to right: Zane, Michael, David
Left to right: Zane, Michael, David

Two Dads and a Child in Paris

David and Michael are same-sex parents who have been married for 18 years.  Gay parents face the same issues as all other parents: how to keep their children engaged and happy while traveling. Their son, Zane, was only 7 when they first came to Paris. How do you deal with a child that age? David, who talks to us today, has great nuggets of wisdom on how to travel with children. Not only for gay parents, but for all parents. David’s interview starts at 11’50”, before the interview Annie gives advice on how to deal with strikes in France.
Hotel Mentioned on this Episode

Hotel Mayfair, 1st, between Place de la Concorde and La Place Vendome (Decent hotel, VERY convenient location)

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Chocolate Museum in Paris, Episode 70

chocolate museum in parisThe chocolate museum in Paris is not the only one you can visit in France (see Episode 47 for the one found in Bayonne), but in my opinion, if you can only visit one, this should be the one. Choco-story has something for everyone:

  • Children
  • Meso-America aficionados
  • Those who enjoy learning about the history of technology
  • Those who like pretty objects
  • And those, like me, who can’t wait to have their next bite of chocolate!

I wouldn’t say that this should be on everyone’s must-see list of Paris, but if you’ve visited Paris a few times and you’d like to see a museum that is easy to visit and enjoy, it’s a great choice. Let me hasten to say that I have no commercial relationship with this museum, I’m just sharing my opinion.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to the survey last week. If you didn’t have a chance to do it yet, I still need your feedback! Please download the file below and send back via email as instructed in the file.

Survey Questions


Chocolate Museum in Paris
Playmobil display at children’s eye level

chocolate museum in paris

Our Master Chocolatier


chocolate museum in paris
Trying various kinds of chocolate
chocolate museum in paris
Porcelain bonbonnières or candy box