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Running the Paris Marathon, Episode 155

Running the Paris Marathon

Paris marathon, Calee Spinney and a friend in front of Notre Dame in Paris

Every big sports event has to start somewhere. The Paris Marathon got its start in 1896 and it was tiny then! It had 191 participants, none of them women. Things have changed so much since then. Today’s Paris Marathon takes as many as 50,000 runners, many of them women, including today’s guest, Calee Spinney who ran the 2017 edition comes on the show to tell us some of the things she wishes she knew before she ran it. If you’re thinking about running the Paris marathon in 2018, you’ve come to the right place! Advice about the event, and all of the other things you can do while in Paris!

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What You Will Learn About in this Episode

Full transcript below the fold.

  • 1’38 Congratulations on running the Paris marathon!
  • 2’30 When did you sign up? What did it involve?
  • 4’31 Why do you need a medical form?
  • 6′ Do you run through gorgeous parts of Paris?
  • 7’52 Was it well organized?
  • 8’30 How do it work on the ground?
  • 9′ Various extras you can buy at the Expo
  • 11′ Is the commercial activity surrounding the Paris marathon good value or rip off?
  • 12’30 Running on cobblestone is hard on the body
  • 12’50 What do you wish you knew before you went?
  • 15′ Food/water you can get along the route
  • 17′ The finishing shirt
  • 18′ What did you do besides running the Paris marathon?
  • 19′ Is Paris food good for marathon runners?
  • 21′ Was it your first time in Paris? Where did you stay?
  • 23′ How about safety surrounding the Paris marathon?
  • 24’30 Any recommendations you can share?
  • 26′ Meeting a super-friendly Parisien
  • 30′ Thanks and personal update


If Calee has inspired you to put on your sneakers and come to Paris to run the Paris marathon make sure to prepare your visit with one of the other episodes, such as the one on how to protect yourself from pickpockets in Paris or how to enjoy Paris on a budget. There is also a half-marathon in Paris, if that’s more your distance.

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