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Le Corbusier Architecture, Episode 139

Le Corbusier Architecture in France

Le Corbusier Architecture
Le Corbusier, photo JBonet

On today’s show, Elyse and Annie bring you musings on Le Corbusier Architecture, how he became one of the pillars of French architecture, and some of the criticisms levied against him. Was he a genius or a tyrant? Hint: it doesn’t have to  be one or the other, he could be like you and me: a complicated person.

If you like this episode you should also check out episode 103 about Le Corbusier and the Plan Voisin and how Le Corbusier planned to raze the Marais neighborhood to make room for something out of a authoritarian nightmare. And if you want to see what came after Le Corbusier Architecture, check out Episode 42 Centre Georges Pompidou.

« Là où naît l’ordre, naît le bien-être. » Le Corbusier

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 Episode Highlights
  • Le Corbusier Is a Nom de Plume
  • Le Cobrusier, a Father of Modernism
  • Le Corbusier’s Family Origins
  • Le Corbusier and Reinforced Concrete
  • Le Corbusier Architecture and the “Cité Jardin”
  • Towards a New Architecture
  • The Future Is Cities
  • Plan Cities Out or Let Them Grow Organically?
  • You can visit the Cité Internationale for University Students
  • Le Corbusier and Connections to the Vichy Regime
  • Le Corbusier Post WWII
  • La Cité Radieuse in Marseille
  • Chandigarh, India, an Example of Le Corbusier Architecture Outside of France
  • Chapelle Notre-Dame-du-Haut
  • Le Corbusier National Funeral in the Courtyard of the Louvre
  • Differences and similarities between Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright
  • The Desire to Live in a  Modern Affordable Home Is Universal

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