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Will my Credit Card Work in France? Episode 99

will my credit card work in france?

Will My Credit Card Work in France?

This episode is my answer to a question sent in by listener Michael who asked: Will my credit card work in France? I’ve mentioned credit cards in various episodes (notably in episode 10 Store Hours and Credit Cards in France but also in episode 77 Paris Trip Report with Shari and Craig, I haven’t done a show yet all about the new types of credit cards that people are getting in North America and whether or not it changes anything for visitors. Today I delve into all of that, so you can be sure where you stand.

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Episode Highlights

  • Why Is There So Little Security on US Credit Cards?
  • French Credit Cards Have Been Protected with a Pin Code for a Long Time
  • Do You Have a Credit Card or a Debit Card?
  • Check on Your Card Limits Before You Travel
  • How In-Person Purchases Work in France
  • Paying for Gas in France
  • Paying for Tolls in France
  • Do You Need a Pin and Chip Card to Come to France?

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