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Cycling in France with Marion Clignet, Episode 52

Marion Clignet CyclingToday on Join Us in France we dip our toe into the world of both competitive and recreational cycling in France with Olympic Silver medalist and World champion Marion Clignet. Are you a cyclist, a runner, a walker? You might want to come enjoy those activities on your next vacation in France in the Pyrenees. Nothing is more French than seeing the country on a bicycle! But even if you’re never going to  take a sports vacation, Marion tells an inspiring tale of how epilepsy changed her life and how she’s managed to cope with the disease since her early 20s.

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Episode 30 Survival French with Todd Newman

Todd Newman

Survival French Challenge

Being in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language well can be a challenge for anyone, but in France it doesn’t have to be. Yes, you heard me! There is no good reason to have a hard time in France just because you don’t speak French.

What’s the secret? There’s only one thing you need to know: You must learn a few words of French and you must use them! It’s not very difficult, there are really only 4 that are mandatory, and our list only contains around 20 total. You can probably master those by the time you’re done listening to the podcast. We discuss those magic words and more on today’s show with Todd Newman, author of the wonderful blog Newmans of Leguevin. You will find the list of “magic words” and link to Todd’s blog after the fold 🙂
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