Corbières and Tarn Trip Report, Episode 78

Corbières and Tarn
Shari and Craig

Corbières and Tarn

One of the most important decisions you have to make when traveling is how much can you fit in and where should home base be? In part 2 of their interview, honeymooners Shari and Craig tell us what they decided to do and what they enjoyed most in the Corbières and in the Tarn. Also in this week’s episode French tips for travelers: phrases you’ll hear all the time in France and won’t necessarily understand unless you train your ear!

How to Order Your Meat in French
  • Bien cuit = Well-done
  • À point = Medium
  • Saignant = Rare
  • Bleu = VERY rare

Mentioned on the Show: Corbières, Aude Department, Camplong d’Aude, Lagrasse, Abbaye de Lagrasse, Le Temps des Courges in Lagrasse, Château de Villerouge-Termènes, Tarn Department, Toulouse, Grand Rond, Jardin des Plantes, Jardin Royal, Musée des Jacobins, L’Entrecôte Restaurant, Saint Sernin Basilica, Japanese Garden at Compans Caffarelli, Puycelsi, Bruniquel, Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val.

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Corbières and Tarn
  • If you can avoid it, don’t come to Toulouse in August because so much is closed, you won’t experience the city as it really is.
  • Bring a GPS that is not linked to a data plan, make sure it includes France maps!
  • Puycelsi, Tarn: Up on a hill, small village, not too hard to park, beautiful greenery and country-side, beautiful classic cars, not crowded on the Sunday they visited. Also very clean and well-maintained.
  • Bruniquel, Tarn et Garonne: Also up on a hill, with a castle on a cliff, looks down over the river, a bit of a hike up because you have to park at the bottom. Castle was not remodeled, some of the rooms were closed because they might be dangerous to walk there. Le Vieux Fusil movie that was filmed there.
  • Penne: Again, this village is on a cliff, Shari and Craig didn’t have time to visit.
  • Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val: Nice place also, white cliffs, canoeing, there were a lot of people on the river.
  • Albi: Shari and Craig enjoyed staying at the Ibis Style, visited the Cathedral, beautiful French Gardens, river. The whole city is beautiful.
  • Another place you might consider in this area: Cordes sur Ciel, Tarn.
  • Toulouse is a good central location to a lot of gorgeous areas in the south of France.
French Tip of the Week

“Tout s’est bien passé ?” = Was everything all right?

“Sur place ou à emporter ?” = Eat here or take away?

In France, should you sit yourself or wait to be seated? At a terrace you sit yourself, the waiter will come to you.

Corbières and Tarn

8 thoughts on “Corbières and Tarn Trip Report, Episode 78”

  1. This pair of episodes was really interesting. If you want to do more trip reports, I would be happy to join you on the air.


  2. Great tips in this episode, thanks!
    We will definitely consider visiting Puycelsi as well as Cordes-sur-Ciel on day trips from Toulouse to Albi.
    And we’ll look out for L’Entrecôte when in Toulouse!
    Can I ask, where was that gorgeous looking plate of food photographed, at the bottom of the trip notes?

  3. In the episode, you mention the winery you visited in Camplong d’Aude, but I did not hear you give the name of the winery. Do you remember the name?


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