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Burgundy, Region and Wine, Episode 57


Kelly Kamborian
Kelly Kamborian

Today Kelly Kamborian, an American expat, takes us on a tour of Burgundy where she has been living for many years and where she’s a registered tour guide. Burgundy is world-famous for its amazing wines, but it is also at the epicenter of French history and culture. In many ways you cannot understand French history and culture without spending some time in Burgundy as the names that come up are a who’s who of French royalty. Burgundy is also where you can see some of the greatest Abbeys in the world: Clairvaux, Pontigny, Cluny, Cîteaux.  Lots to do and see, you really need to visit Burgundy next time you come to France! For recommendations on restaurants, hotels and what to do with children, scroll to the bottom of this post and while you’re there share the episode on social media! To book a tour with Kelly, search for her name on Facebook or kellykamborian  at Enjoy the show!

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