If you’re going to buy something on Amazon anyway please help us out by clicking on your country flag. You pay the same price for your items and Join Us in France gets a small commission to keep the show going. Thank you!

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French Flag

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If your country flag isn’t here it means that this Amazon program is not setup for your country yet I’m afraid.

How to Create a Desktop Shortcut on Your Computer

The only way you can be sure that Join Us in France gets credited every time you make an Amazon purchase is to click-through Join Us every time. This is a little bit cumbersome. To make it easier you can create a shortcut to this link on your computer desktop.

Desktop Shortcut on a Windows Computer
  1. Click on one of the flags above
  2. Copy the address (for example, for the USA it is, it’s slightly different for each country)
  3. Right-click an open area on your computer desktop, point to New, and then click Shortcut
  4. Paste the address from step 2
  5. Click Next
  6. Name your new shortcut something brilliant such as: Join Us in France Amazon Shortcut
  7. Click Finish

Done! Now all you have to do is use that shortcut when you go to Amazon to shop.

Dock Shortcut on an Apple Computer

Locate the server folder you want to share in the Finder, and drag it to rightmost part of the Dock (where there are already some folders such as Applications, Documents, Downloads, etc…)

You can also copy and paste the folder in question in the Desktop folder (left pane in the Finder main window), and it’ll appear on the Desktop itself.

Join Us in France is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

7 thoughts on “Amazon”

  1. Hi Annie
    I was going to buy something from Amazon through your website to support the great work you do but you do not have an Australian flag so I clicked the English flag instead. Love your show which incidentally I think I discovered through Facebook. I am coming to France in August/September this year so I am listening to all of your podcasts.
    Kind Regards
    Kim Henry

    1. Thank you Kim! Australia didn’t have a sponsorship program when I signed up, but they were going to start it. I’ll look into it and will add Australia if it’s available. Enjoy the show and happy vacation planning!

  2. Hi Annie,
    I am from Australia too but use Amazon US to buy travel books and DVDs so I hope you get a commission from my shopping of late 🙂
    Love the show!

  3. Hi Annie and Alise,

    Love your podcast. It is detailed, informative, and fun. Can’t wait for each edition. You also do a nice job on the show notes. I listen to a lot of non-fiction podcasts and JoinusinFrance is one of the most professional and entertaining ones.

    Just clicked from your site to Amazon for a $55.00 USD purchase. I hope you get your commission. There is no indication on Amazon that it is linked to you when one checks out.

    Thanks so much for the podcast. Best wishes.

  4. Hi Annie. I live in Canada and clicked through the US button and it took me to I have no idea if it worked, but I tried anyway.
    I LOVE your podcast. I’ve been listening like crazy, as I’m working on trying to figure out our trip for late July/early August. I’ve learned so much, and I’m grateful for all the info you freely give. Thank you!

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